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Discovering Cosmic Family - new video

New chapter on our journey of starseed awakening! This time we are embarking on the adventure of discovering the roots and actual sense of cosmic family, here on Earth.

For various reasons, humanity has been disconnected from its actual connection to the Source and is just starting to recognize dormant potential within its multidimensional template. Many of us are remembering coming here as "Starseeds", people coming from the stars, that have been waiting for the time when human souls would be ready to "receive" us. The time of great reunion is upon us, as awakening people start to remember seeds of divinity planted within themselves.

That's how the merging of heaven & Earth is taking place, by embodying the totality of our Souls. Who are you called to be, as Gaia is calling for the volunteers that will usher in the dawning of the New Earth?

More about an individual process of discovering the sense of Comic Family

Integrating an aspect of One's Cosmic sense of Self into earthly reality is a humongous task at hand. Once, the Soul is absolutely committed on the Path of reunion, all of the identities, which one has been identifying with over the course of life(times), are starting to fade away. For a human being it might feel like a domino effect, where a sense of stability is greatly challenged. Yet, the journey of dissolving identities is set to become the process of emergence, where one start to discover true sense of Cosmic Self.

Life becomes an intricate process of discovering who are you beyond the limited human identity and finding meaningful ways to express it in your own life.

Here you can check out more about our 10 week program of befriending your Cosmic Self, as the new places for enrollment are opening in May:

Cosmic Embrace is here to support the awakening journey of your Soul, reaching all the way towards the cosmic cradle. Let us unfold the mystery that is carried within our Souls and assist in the evolutionary journey of human species on this planet.

If you find some meaning in our work, we would be happy to receive some donation, that can support more of our expression through the virtual channels.

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