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Among the trees 🌳🌲🌿

Those that have been watching out latest video of discovering cosmic cradle, might recall that it brought us back to the woods&forest sanctuary. There is symbology in those journeys, as much as the actual reflection of underlying process.

I've rarely talked about the Consciousness of Trees, even though their presence appears in most of my sharings. It happened today, as I've been in some deeper connection, that my phone created the video compilation and called it Amidst the trees. Synchronicity was so poignant, that I felt it was meant to be shared on the webpage.

And with the Consciousness of Tress, I just wish to mention it as the foundation stone of my expression here. It represents essential link to my sense of Soul family and the energies that are conveyed through this work. I wish you can enjoy the glimpse of it in the video.

After more time of the adventures, something is building within the Cosmic Embrace. It might take just a while longer, as we're preparing for the fresh start of the new season. I feel it's going to be deep and profound. Embracing&revelatory.

Thanks to everyone, that has been with us on this journey so far.

Sending forest greetings & love 💚

Miha 🌳

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