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About Cosmic Embrace and me

Cosmic Embrace is a feeling that was born throughout my own process of awakening. It came to me as the sense of ultimate belonging and faithful companionship that has accompanied me on the journey. In offering it to the world, I came to realize that is here to serve many others Souls as well. In finding the resonance that unites Us as human beings, it is serving as the platform that assist Us in stepping deeper towards our divinity. There is much more than my voice to it, in fact I’m merely an Echo. Aligned movement in the energy field itself, that has the potential to transform our human lives beyond imagination as we are navigating this planetary transition in accordance with cyclical rhythms of the Universe.

It is a privilege to welcome You joining Us.

Image by Dominik Schröder

As Miha Tree, my role in being here is one of Cosmic emissary. In serving as the link to higher-dimensional Consciousness, I am often times seen in facilitating the process of Soul integration, especially in connection to different cosmic energies and the body of Gaia. This process goes hand in hand with my unique individual journey, that I am walking as human being. In reflecting the stories and experiences from my own life back to the higher-dimensions we are all Co-creating this Home-coming journey together.



The story of my life, many times speaks louder than my words. I am sharing it here to create the sense of resonance and reflect some of the reason that brought me here. I’ve always believed that I can bring meaning and value into people’s lives and my imagination has been stirred in different directions. There were many dreams in my lives and ideas what I could become.

As a young kid growing up, I liked to imagine myself having soccer career and playing at the big stage. Well, I didn’t came farther as to “fall in love” with my local soccer club and play there for decades to come.

The sense of purpose drew me to the studies of pharmaceutics, I guess those were my early attempts of developing healing career. While I was discovering how do people truly get healed, the process of spiritual awakening kicked in full swing. It brought the realization, that modern way of healing is just very different in comparison to the knowledge that has been stored within my Soul. So my pharmaceutic career ended up with the Master degree hanging as the decoration on the wall.

Afterwards I was even guided to deeply connect with nature through stewarding the land. “Off grid” living, communities of seekers, ancestral healing work, sacred partnership...all of it appeared on my doorstep. With gratitude and grace I had to drop intellectual concepts of “green and conscious living” and release my spiritual identities. In depth of my aloneness I was invited to face the pain of Seperation, which truly opened the doorways towards becoming mySelf. As much as I’ve been “hungry” to find sacredness in my life, it eventually wanted to be birthed through me.

In this process the Voice joined me. One that has been with me throughout my life, just that I couldn't  figure out what to do with it. And where does it even belong? Finally, I was able to hear and listen deeper to my Soul. And many of different energies, that came to be with me on this journey. I started speaking with mySelf and this energies. Almost like talking to other people, just that this conversations actually felt much more real. That’s when I realized, that I am walking Home. In this process, I started to facilitate lost parts of divinity back into One.

In touching the sense of Home, I am becoming an Echo of the Cosmic Om and that’s where I’m sharing from. I’m nothing, but the reflection of Yourself.


Welcome on your own Home-coming journey, my friend.

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Thanks for Your Being.


First and foremost, cosmic Embrace is the feeling, therefore you are invited to keep discovering it within Yourself. 

Often times all you have to do is to invite it in your Life and keep opening the space for it to happen.

In needing some assistance on this journey, I would be happy to be of your service.

Sending best wishes and much blessings on your Path.👐


If you happen to be around, You might meet me in the Woods here.

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