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StarBeing Nations

There are some of the basic nuances of different cosmic energies and the roles they came to play here, at this point in time. First, they are introduced with simple images from my living setting, that has been influenced or created with the assistance of those particular energies. When clicking on the image you would find simple message and the link to take you forward. There you can read more and find out about the influences that they bring in people's lives.


It is important to keep in mind that aligned benevolent energies will never over-ride your sovereignty – one has to simply invite them through an open heart. This would be my invitation to You, when discovering more about this section.

Cosmic awareness

Speaking on the behalf of this interdimensional energies is joyous task at hand, that fills my cosmic heart with aliveness. In sharing those perspectives, it might be just a tiny fraction of what those energies truly came here to offer. My own experiences are by no mean the only mean of exploration and  the invitation is there to keep discovering more by Yourself. 

Once you opened the Space within your life and establish some sort of connection, you might probably be able to pick up some subtle frequencies at first. When the signs are starting to become present in your life and there is some sort of mutual trust, you might be up for some sort of adventure. It might as well be just the Home-coming calling of your own sense of Soul.


Establish your own foundations by developing qualities that are close to your being.

Draconian energy is strong, resilient and always willing to get “job done”. There is the notion of warrior archetype that comes with it (although it’s nothing like warrior ship and battling represented throughout human history), one that comes with working for the “higher causes”. It carries the sense of loyalty and resilience towards Absolute – being the field of immaculate Presence beyond and throughout this existence. As compared to more spiritual representatives of love&light and religious examples of God; Draconian energy simply doesn’t care about outer appearance. When it comes into your field it can be simply mind-blowing and Soul stirring, leaving you in utmost shock of the Illusion you were lead to believe.


As simple as that, that’s how effective it can be in delivering the Truth. What happened to the Truth in our culture, as the informations that are streamed through the mainstream media bombard people with narrow and limited perspective? That might be also the mission that this energy have been sent here for in this moment. In order to take care of their “infamous cousins”, commonly recognized as Reptilians, they are asked to establish the foundation for progressive cleansing of this reality. It’s always the darkest before the dawn, the storm before the atmosphere gets throughly cleansed and Draconians are more than willing to play their role in it. It might appear shocking for some, nevertheless it comes from deep place of Love that rare human beings are able to truly tap into.


As this energy is expressed through people, it is very effective in succeding – even in the toughest of environments. People carrying strong Draconian essence would be naturally drawn towards succeeding in their endeavours, but it can often times comes at the expense of others and their sovereignty. There is a lesson of cooperation and mutual respect that they have to learn or they can easily start taking to much of the responsibility for life around them, so that they eventually burn out. In order to truly tap in the co-creative power, it is important to re-align the wounded aspect of one’s personality and tap into the field of infinite potential. When approaching the task at hand, can you eventually recognize who are you in realtion to your work?


       strength, commitment, loyality, resilience



How you are being is much more important that what you are doing.

As humans we came here to be(come) an essential link between between “heaven and Earth” and Pleidean energy is good example on how simple it can be. They bring forth the qualities of childlike curiosity, joy and excitement,… When you have the opportunity to be seeing children in “their element”, or innocent creatures in nature there is definitely an element of Pleidean energy to it. Think of dolphins for example, and the way how they move in/out of the water, and you get a clear example about how this energy is able to move with the flow.


In some way their frequencies are very easy to be adored in our lives, there is a lot of “sweetness” that they can bring in people’s lives. When brought into this realm, there is the aspect of naivety that comes with it. Their spontaneity and surrender to Life itself, normally brings some sort of aliveness to people. Yet often times, they can easily get corrupted. Like the trust in the innocent children became replaced by the fear and avoidance of being playful, when people grow up. When I feel that there is time for some playfulness and child-like joy in my expression, I would be keen on inviting more of the Pleidean energeis.


In their true nature, Pleidean Souls are very loving and trusting towards Life itself, which is not necessarily always the case on this planet. Therefore they can develop very loving and charming personalities, so their sense of Love often times comes reflected through the reaction of other people. Often times there is a need to close down completely, as they need to of re-charge in order not to be consumed by life out there. Those Souls often times find life on Earth (at least in some periods) very challenging and confusing. The biggest challenge for this energy is normally in developing deeper level of Trust, especially towards themselves. Once you find yourself in doubts of your own expression, simply ask yourself How would the Universe respond to you, as their beloved children?

playfulness, surrender, childlike joy, trust



Transcend the conflicts in your Life, by bringing the polarized aspects into coherent Unity.

This energy can definitely serve as the reminder of our wholeness and interconnectivity with the Universe. I would imagine that it’s been more strongly expressed in the past through different shamanic traditions. In this way it is able to connect the world of matter (nature) with the notion of spirit (Universe) simply through one’s human beingness. In the modern culture we are witnessing the demise of aligned Orion energies, that have been persecuted at many occasions.In due course, we might be seeing more of the fragmented energy originating from Orion Constellation (expressing through Greys or Whites) – that has become highly distorted and seeks their way back towards freedom.  


The Orions are ultimately inviting Us to transcend the conflicts in our own lives. With increasing polarities in our society it can serve as the wake up call for those aspects, where we might have (subconsciously) handed over our power and victimised ourselves. In order to be able to open the portal to the Soul we need to be willing to embrace the pain that those conflicts have caused us. This allows us to truly surrender to the “higher dimensional flow”, which can connect Us back to our Souls. 


If people carry strong essence of Orion energies within themselves, they would be normally guided on some sort of quest in searching for freedom. It might take time and some effort to fully step on this journey, yet that’s what eventually brought them here in the first place. There is no specific outer appearance, when it comes to their personality – yet it’s almost if the part of themselves doesn’t truly want or have space to come through. When they are able to align those aspects within themselves, they can become amazing healers – whether they start to interact with people, land or some other elemental energies. In finding yourself in challenging/painful situations of your life, pay attention towards truly opening your heart for the depth of this pain, for this is where true Love resides.​


shamanic traditions, inward oriented, wisdom keepers,

deep contemplation



Witness the collateral beauty of the Past, and leave it behind by integrating the Truth in it.

There is some sort of conundrum, when speaking of Sirian energy that we have to take into account. They could be seen as sort of masters in moving and transforming the energy, being recognized as the architects of this “Matrix system” that we’ve been living in together. On the other hand it has became no-thing but the prison for all human Souls, that we are on the verge of collectively emergence. When it comes to Sirian energy it appears in the countless inventions as the basis of our modern culture. However, what comes in the forefront of their current expression is the need for deep healing and reverse most of the technologies that they’ve embedded in the energy field across the Earth-plane.


There is the sense of control that has been inserted in most of the elements of our daily lives. Even when it comes to the physical body, it has been (purposefully) designed to keep our Souls locked in the confines of our lower-dimensional needs and desires. The influence of the Sirian energy and their compulsive need to channel the energy in particular direction is therefore engrained in our operating system as humans. On the other hand it present tremendous possibility to truly focus and sharpen our perception in the single element of creation. When we are able to recognize our divinity, observe the beauty of nature and feel ourselves as part of the greater organism, this can send a tremendous amount of healing towards this energy within ourselves and greater afield.


In our culture, people with strong Sirian energy are used to “get it right”. In our mind-driven culture, they usually also develop strong intellectual capacities and therefore become able to lead other people. They are normally driven by some sort of fear inside themselves, and this type of leadership is based on the dominion. In this case it becomes crucial to recognize one’s initial motivation and move towards heart-centred way of living.

Especially in spiritual circles, I’ve witnessed that traits of Sirian energy doesn’t appear to be “very sexy”. Nevertheless most of those Souls that are incarnated in this time, came here with the sincere wish for healing the collective and have the potential to become prominent agents of Change. In having the capacity to work with the energy flow, it would be important to ask – if one could truly feel oneself as being part of it all and work in accordance with all sentient Life?

engineering, sophisticated energy workers, contolling



Plant and nurture your own seed of Life in attunement with the process of Co-Creation.

I came to realize an absolute Love and devotion towards creating that Andromedans carry within themselves. In having the capacity to weave the tapestry of Life, they are keen on recognizing symbols and patterns in the energy flow and harness this energy in bringing forth their ideas. However it is important to realize, that for them it’s not about the creation itself and becoming attached to the outcome – once the process is created they would simply drop out and move on with their infinite Love for expression.


It feels to me as if their frequencies have been heavily blocked in our culture, their tendency to engage with the co-creative process hasn’t been truly recognized in this outcome oriented society. Their capacity to observe the flow have mostly kept them outside people’s reach. Yet once the opportunity is given, and they are called in the forefront, they could come through with the most fascinating ideas, that truly respect all sentient Life engaged in the process. In more personal connection they’ve been keen on sparking the aspects of beauty and lightness in my own experience.


Therefore, I found that most of the human Souls, that are carrying strong Andromedean frequencies in themselves, simply block them out. They get easily over-ridden by the energy of other mission oriented beings (for example, Whites from Orion). This can cause them to become lost in their creative endeavours, or disconnect from actively engaging in it. If you are noticing that there is the strong impulse for creative expression in your life, but it gets difficult to bring them in fruition or finish the tasks – ask yourself what is it that you would like to experience. Often times, what you might be looking for is simply creativity and this can bring more joy in your activities. Once Andromedean Souls are able to drop the need to be seen/validated for their expression, they can bring forth magnificent creations.

creativity, witnessing patterns and shapes, hidden beauty,




Attune with your Soul and respect the principles of Mother nature.

Whilst inquiring about the nature of reality, Arcturian energy is able to provide direct spiritual guidance. In some way you could see them somewhat idealistic, their sense of Self is very close to Utopia. Therefore they could present us with the example and science of Creation process. In being able to attune with the reality at hand, their perspectives offer the possibility to become next greater version of ourselves. Their spiritually embedded technologies always keep in mind the bigger picture. When speaking of technology, it is important to keep in mind that spiritual development should always be in the forefront oy any inquire, therefore technology needs to be able in serving all sentient life on the planet, not just of particular species.


The sense of Arcturian energy has been often times expressed through spiritual leaders and in this society it comes through many of the entrepreneurs. Anyhow, it gets easily masked and hijacked by the similar energy that spawns much more on the intellectual plane (f.e. Sirian). One has to keep in mind, that Arcturains operates on a much lighter frequencies that human beings, therefore their perspectives would normally be more of the metaphysical nature. In some way, they could serve as the template in our evolutionary process, yet as humans we need to be able in integrating those frequencies in the given environment of our current expression.


One of the most common traits, that can be witnessed in people carrying strong Arcturian energies, is that of intellectual humour. In some way it becomes their way of bridging different realities and bringing some sort of lightness in more complex situations. When in the purity of their essence, they can easily get misunderstood or step out of reach from the majority of people. Whilst those Souls carry the seed of becoming spiritual guides in this human society, they can also turn out as the hermits living alone somewhere in nature. In this process of becoming One with the sense of the Self, it is important to ask what truly speaks to your heart and motivates your daily activities.

spiritual guidance, idealistic, humor liking

nature connected - development orientated



Invite the sense of magic in your Life and notice how the Universe supports Your expression.

Have you ever wondered how do magicians perform their tricks? When it comes to cosmic energies, Lyrans would be prime example of utilizing the aspect of alchemy and bringing forth the substance into form. It might take a level of mastery to seemingly do “no-thing” and expect some sort of change to happen. What Lyrans have came here to teach us is actually about becoming “no-body”, whilst you are doing things. Forget about any identity as you are doing things and simply become one with the activity itself. How close towards your own sense of Home can you come through your own beingness?


It probably sounds simple and straightforward, but it’s not easy to do. The alchemy is happening without some sort of plan or instructions, therefore one has to develop strong relationship with the unknown. From human perspective it takes lots of courage to develop this level of surrender into the energy field and the sense of divinity. Therefore it’s rarely to find the unfiltered energies of Lyrans in our society that is based on Soul-less principles and even when it comes forth people usually perceive it as some sort of entertainment.

In connection with this energy I just feel to mention Hathors here. Even though they are normally presented as the Venusian race and keep developing through their own accordance, they feel to be some sort of direct descendants in Lyran lineages.


What about people carrying strong Lyran influences? They like to ask questions, those that are coming from the place of joyful exploration and are not really looking for the answer. Often times those Souls are yearning for the sense of belonging and they would need to eventually develop strong connection to themselves in order to fit also with others. One of their strong impulses is usually towards Mastery, and what they are eventually called forth is the mastery over themselves. I am seeing the archetype of trickster would fit very well to their personality and they could easily take on a role of “Clown” in our society. The sense of mystery turns into Mastery, when people realize and express themselves as the miracle of this Universe. When you can see this human expression as the infinite playground for your own expression which quality of Life would you like to experience?

mystery, alchemical, playful Life exploration


Sasquatch (Forest people)

Keep tasting all of the nuances and fragrances that human life offers and marvel at the nature around you.

With this type of energy, we are actually stepping into the territory of urban myths and folk tales. You would have people claiming that they’ve seen Big-foot (sometimes they are also called Yeti). The reason might be very simple, as this energy has actually been incarnated on the Earth-plane and although I haven’t seen anyone with my physical eyes, they could still very well be around. It’s important to recognize to there is a strong sense of absolute Unity and harmony towards Life on Earth that is carried within those beings.

In being seen as the “hairy creatures” from the woods, they’ve actually mastered the telepathy as their way of communication and their sense of interconnectedness with the Universe is way beyond human imagination.


I’ve categorized Sasquatch within Star-Being nations, as I’ve came to realize them as interdimensional energy that has already found its way into the Cosmos. It even has some sort of shared story in the evolution of our human species, therefore it’s capable of providing “real-life experiences” about the life on this planet. To me it represents the aspect of guardianship, that can teach Us how to form harmonious relationships also with other form of Life on the Earth-plane. Along the lines of our history, there’s been a tendency within people, that humans came here to be the stewards of Life on the planet.


Therefore the energy of Sasquatch in connection to other ascended ancestors in the evolutionary story of humanity reminds Us about the journey we are here to accomplish. Each one of human beings, either personally or collectively, carry the energy that has been brought through various spiritual traditions and represents the “Soul of humanity”. If you would to notice people embodying and living from this energy, they simply feel whole and complete within themselves, whilst simultaneously connected to all Life around them. You could almost palpably feel Grace around them, as they simply bring forth the essence of living. How big is your wish to someday be(come) One of them?

 stewardship, supportive, elder brothers


Other higher-dimensionals/
Angelic realm

This human life is One precious Gift, and just the experience. Make the most of it.

There is a sense of highly benevolent and protective Presence in the Universe around Us. Even outside the confines of the cosmic nations mentioned above, there is a vast number of beings and different energies assisting in this planetary journey of Ascension. When people are referring to angels, they could be seeing or connecting with different types of the metaphysical energy. In any case it gets important to discern about the sense of connection and motivation that comes through those beings. They could be the most loving, supporting and well meaning energies on our Paths, however many of those could be also lost, looking for their own benefits in this realm. How can they be of support on your own journey?


The element of mysticism have been present in all human cultures, and it usually struggles to find its way in some or another form. Nevertheless, as long as the essence of Life gets teamed up with human imagination all sorts of things are possible. There’s been also all sorts of deities feeding themselves through different rituals and religious practices undertaken by humans. If one is to look at the idea of heaven and hell as interpreted by the modern Christianity, it is the representation of all that could happen to living beings. There is always some actual Truth behind different experiences of spiritual nature...


Those people that have hold the keys into another realm, have been either mesmerized or heavily projected, throughout the course of the human history. It happens when people are waking up to some deeper Truth of their beingness, that they become confused and disoriented in this reality. It usually takes some time and adaption period (which can take more than just one lifetime), that one can truly bring forth some of the qualities that are not the most common in this human template. When one is able to recognize this human journey as the infinite playground for your own expression, divine qualities of Life start “speaking” through people. That’s when the embrace of angelic realm becomes tangible in the story of one Soul and connects You all the way to the Source. It literally feels like home-coming. How might it look like in your experience?

ultimate care, empowered guidance, belonging

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