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Ascension process & role of Starseeds

Here is a brand new adventure of Cosmic Embrace. We've been journeying all the way to the Source and discovering some of the exciting topics on the journey of planetary ascension.

As society is just about to step into celebrating Easter, I felt to convey more cosmic perspective including the role of (non-religous) Christ Consciousness in the process. Take some quality time to check out the video and get inspired on your journey.

And please, let us know about your feelings& questions in the comment section.

In this video you'll find out more about unique qualities of starseeds and their role in the process of planetary ascension. Human collective is calling for assistance in their process of graduation, and that is going to profoundly challenge the "separation party", where most of the human souls currently reside into.

There is also more about the emergence of Cosmic Consciousness and how can You be supported on this journey by Cosmic Embrace. We are here to establish the blueprint for the embodiment of unique characteristics of various starsouls and assist in stabilizing Crystalline grid of the Earth. 🧚🌐

As the movement is about to be set in motion it will be a pleasure connecting with you on the way. Might you find some inspiration in our video, we would be happy to receive some donation, that can support more of this expression through the virtual channels.

Thank you for your engagement with greater mission and sending best wishes on your Path.👣 🍀

Miha 🌳🙏

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1 Comment

Mar 29

That's great video, that reminds me why I've never felt truly connected with most of the people in my life. It's like being on the party, that I didn't feel to go on the first place, and sadly I didn't know that something else is possible as well. Thank you for sharing about the misconceptions in alternative circles, I couldn't resonate with any of those as well.

It motivates me to discover more about my deeper calling,


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