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At - One - (Mu)ment

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Part II

Whales, Owl, Lemur, Soul family, Life forms

Time works differently, when travelling Madagascar country. As if someone has wrapped time-space continuum in tight package. Simultaneously it is being released on its own will. And it’s all happening in cycles, that seemingly create  circles converging into spiral.

The notion of “divine timing” comes hand in hand with the capacity to let go of “when”. There ain’t any problem that can persist for too long - even the Intervention has to adapt in order to fit in. And whilst the flow can be easily traced through minutiae of life, it’s just a matter of “when”, it would eventually hit the wall again.

I’m trying to convey the sense, that things are happening slow, when measured through time. At the same time the intensity of the happenings is so palpable - that it makes you feel alive within every step of your journey.

Following the period of acclimatisation and much needed restoration we spent some days at the seaside. Afterwards our adventure headed down south and we merely just transitioned through central part. There seems to be much yet to come. The nature and energy have shifted strongly and the relationship with the place has grown rapidly. There is already this strong feeling of being “on the radar” of various energies, but let’s take it step by step.

Whale nation speaking/singing to humanity

The initial connection was established at the Cirque rogue as mentioned in my first writing. True feeling of multidimensional attunement surfaced following day, whilst at the coast. It’s been such a wonder witnessing Hannah, as she was swimming, playing with the beach sand and singing to Whales. Personally, I felt almost indescribable sense of connection with the flow - when swimming in the ocean. The molecules of water that were touching my skin, suddenly became intelligent force that has been inviting me to dance. How do I truly wish to express as my body merges with the water - feeling the sense of interconnected streams of energy in the ocean? There is so much intelligence in every single move that happened to me, containing also clear sense of direction.

Whales have been speaking to me about the alignment that is possible - if we are truly able to slow down enough in order to witness the intelligent Web of Life around Us. And that seems to be the only way for humans to be able to attune with the flow of animal kingdom, once again. Not just, that from the waters, the dynamic rings true for land species as well.

The energies that have been transmitted through Whales, appeared to me as aligned frequencies originating from Sirius constellation. There is intelligence in every movement within the energy field and whales are remaining this memory as part of their species.

Wise owl guidance happening behind the scenes

Since the initial connection with Owl spirit, I had to wait for awhile in order to get some tangible signs. The illumination came as we visited National park and went on the might hike in our “quest” for Lemurs. Eventually we ended up in with the group of bird watchers, that had the equipment to point to the owl in the canopy of trees. Innocent wisdom, that is the easiest way to describe the appearance of particular bird…  If you are searching in the dark/shadow, one needs to have a Hood source of light in order to find the target. The owl spirit continue to impress me with it’s simple guidance, that is gently inviting us to find the Truth, even in shadowy cornerers of our Psyche. I’ve been able to attune my sight in order to keep finding the guidance that keeps us on track, whilst visiting new places.

For me, there is even the energy of countless experiences from the constelattion of Orion, that is contained in these encounters. When One has traveled through the darkest battlefields in this Universe, the sense of “light-bringers” comes with much experience. Through light will be found, when those that are seeking become ready to acclimatise with it. Orions have once again reminded me, that as energy Workers we didn’t come here to “flight” the shadow of human existence, but Rather to wait on the opportinities, when we can expose our Light.

Lemurs - amplyfying the sense of remembrance

It’s going somewhat deep on our journey and I haven’t yet touched my initial inquiry.  Yes, we have actually seen the Lemurs.

In the way to our accommodation in the park they created initial performance. Wow, our conscious was side tracked within the canopy of trees for nearly half an hour. You have to see them jumping amidst the branches balancing their skills with the tails. And just how they pick a leaf, fruit or even mango and have some “snack” whilst their activity. The communication, that can sound just like “chatting among themselves”, can also appear as some concert to the human ears. Even seeing the offspring, the babies  carried on their mama’s back and effortlessly clinging for dear life in that acrobatic show. Lemurs are cute, they are cool - you know kind of friends you like to hang out with. And they seem extremely connected to the trees, so my personality just have to like them.

I had to wait for the next day to our “official tour” in the park to get to know more of their nature. Particular species that we encounter seem to rest/sleep more during the day. This enabled me to start eye-gazing with the Lemur, that our park guide spotted in the hole on a tree. Forming a telepathic bridge into the species, I suddenly felt the expansion of my Consciousness. The sense of innocent being and light-hearted expression amplify the sense of remembrance. Once, I must have been one of them - probably not in that particular form, but in their state of Consciousness. They carry that strong connection to the mission, even though it’s definitely not something that they would be trying to achieve. It’s all about restoration, balancing the harmony of Life within the given environment, whilst being open-heartedly present with their own expression. They are even the “activators” of the  specific tree they reside in, as they germinate the seeds so that it can sprout and grow in the environment.

Wow, is it possible, that single Lemur family reflected me the sense of “spiritual concepts”, that I’ve been unveiling awhile? Within this active movement of the Flower of Life, I was feeling the remembrance of the Seed of Life, whilst holding the vision of the Tree of Life.

It’s difficult to put it in the words, but the analogy of the sacred geometry symbols might point to the awakening of this “ancient way of being”. The inner journey goes hand in hand with the outer. Even though there might be slight delay in the perception of it through the human experience, the Lemurs reminded me that what goes around, eventually comes around. And so will the ancient Lemurians, this time in slightly different form.

Through this reflections of the animal kingdom, I’ve spoken of some present energies on the journey and it feels like just touching the pinnacle of it all. I wish to find some space afterwards to illuminate more of the dynamics, but due to the nature of our travels, I am stopping here.

I wish to complete this writing in sharing about the nature of energy work in the park of Ankarafantsika. After some of the Lemur encounters, connection with the Reptiles around the Lake and some hike with local guide we ended up at the Canyon. It was created by movement of the landmass that gradually shifted apart from each other, manifesting tremendous structures in the rocks.

It turned out to be great place to turn into the “Pain of Separation”. Feeling into the density of this rocks and forces that are released as the land is cracking open…Once equalising with the feeling of being torn apart, the sense of individuality emerged from the experience. Like the jewel becoming visible in the Crown. It almost felt like remembering the times, when “the mission” has called me away from the Soul family, all of which has gifted me with the experience of this Life. Yes it’s about time for me to reconnect, the Seed has been planted within the Earth’s realm and nothing can stop it from sprouting anymore. Divinity “has infected” the Soul of humanity once again and eventually every Soul in this realm is/will be given a chance to reconnect.

On our way from the Canyon we spotted a figure from the bush in the woods. It was really speaking strongly to both of us, as we simultaneously felt the presence of the “Sasquatch”. On some deeper level it seemed, that “the mission”, has finally landed to us as well. The times of “original humanity”, expression from the divine spark of our beingness are upon us. The re-alignment is happening through the humble expression of wholeness and inner union, that we’ve been invited to convey.

It is with great privilege to have the sense of your Souls accompanying us on the journey. We are able to feel You, thanks for the resonance that people have offered on  different levels - it is received with gratitude.

As with this Life in separation, that has been given to my Soul as the gift of remembrance, I am sharing this writing also with the remembrance of John. He is one of the Souls, that has been very present on our journey, lately we had strong connection through few of the dreams. As the news of his passing have reached me, I could feel the sense of sadness and yet tremendous joy of reconnecting with “his kin”. John, thanks for holding the anchor on the other side, I poured some of the emotions in this writing as the honouring of your spirit.

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