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Consciousness Shift

Soul Initiation

I seem to complete another cycle on my human journey, recognizing the process of Soul Initiation. It entered the field of my awareness a year ago, however it actually entails eons of my own Path. It resembles remembrance of the ancient Presence and my Soul journey towards this plan of existence and culmination of its mission. For me, it is the state of embracing eternity, ultimate Soul liberation and the moment of intimate re-connection with the Source.

I’ve got to know the term of Zero Point within the journey of Spiritual awakening. It represents also the phenomenon that is described in Quantum mechanics. It can be described as Source field, point of Infinite potential within the Absolute, or simply as “God” like state as pointed towards in religious scriptures.

Sacred Codes In sharing my perspective about this process, I wish to point out the inherent activation that it's bound to re-create in your own field. If you are going to read forwards, I invite You to take some quality time and really bring the attention into this moment. This way, it can assist you to stay centred in the experience and take it as the reflection on your own journey.

Embracing Pain of Separation

It's been an intense and challenging year on my own Path. I’ve been going through a gradual demise of my partnership, that used to represent the sacred portal on my human journey. The surface level experience of separation from my beloved, actually reflected way deeper level of parting within myself. Underneath the bleeding scars of my humanity, I’ve been facing karmic pain of broken-heartedness. Through different past life regressions, I’ve been acknowledging continuous experiences of utter aloneness on this Earth plane. In some way, I always felt separated from the Universe and the Life I’ve been living.

Yes, there have been many moments of dedication towards divine service and recognition of the heavenly Presence within myself. But it never truly seemed to have dawned within my human heart and sharing the level of resonance on the very personal level.

Soul family and moment(s) of energetic resonance

Just in retrospective looking back at my own journey, I can recognize the moments of Soulful connections, that triggered the remembrance of ancient parts within myself. In the language of modern spirituality, this can be translated as the activation of the Soul family template. The field level awareness of this process, has enabled me to tap into the feeling of belonging. In meditative connection and even physical interaction, I’ve met some of those familiar Souls. Those encounters came with the level of intensity, that I had difficulties to deal with, in my human experience. Often times, I would simply “drop of”, falling asleep or loosing my Consciousness in some way or another.

Through those spiking moments int the energy field, I’ve progressively strengthen the capacity within my neurological system, in being able to hold the intensity of “Soul like frequencies” on a daily basis.

Remembering the existence beyond lifetime(s)

The inherent recognition of the multidimensional template within our human Souls has opened me the doorway way beyond this lifetime and into wider Cosmos. However, it wasn’t about particular story of celestial nature. My Soul has been simply equalizing with the fact of being incarnated into (humanoid) form. In reciprocity, I’ve been developing connection towards the qualities and sense of direction that have been engrained within my own being. It’s been a mutual process of embracing divinity, becoming attuned with those aspects from the other side of dimensional doors and starting to embody it through this human experience.

Even in encompassing awareness about the experiences of cosmic origins, there's been a common thread, silver linning. What are those circumstances that truly created the conditions of forging the essential qualities of my being?

Shift in Consciousness

This manifested as series of quantum shifts in my percpetion of reality throughout last couple of months. My general direction and striving towards the experiences of spiritual nature, drastically changed towards becoming the “expression of spirit” itself. There has been definitely strong symbology reflected in direct living circumstances, at this stage in my life. I’ve been guided deeper into the forest and house in the woods, recreating the sense of aloneness, once again. The only direction, becoming plausible on my journey, was to attune with the hear beat of the Soul. I was getting ready to shift the centre of my operating system into the core of my being.

The poignant representation about the cosmic woods of my own existence, manifested in stepping forth in my true spiritual expression, sharing the sense of Cosmic Embrace with the world.

Divine encounter and embracing the One

Cyclical rhythm of universal nature, represented in the occurrence of last Summer Solstice, might have been just another day on my human journey. I was bestowed to experience magnificent storm around the time of sunset, simply sitting under the presence of an old Oak Tree. Oh, those poignant reflections and lightning thunderstorms illuminating the night sky of this earthly existence. Just how marvellous the interplay of universal forces appears in front of one’s human eyes. Divinity expressed through formless substance, witnessed by oneself in this body of flash.

It also turned out to be the immaculate opportunity to share the depth of Cosmic Embrace with another Soul incarnated in the human body. I’ve recognized Rainbow Crystalline Codes radiating through her beingness, simultaneously. The interplay of our higher-dimensional aspects, created shared field that has been filled up with the sense of Divine Presence. Meeting in Silence, transcending even the feeling of telepathic connection enabled me to reconnect with the Womb of Creation. Yes, that was the place, immaculate state of being, the Zero Point whence the Soul eventually came from. Just that it’s not actually “my Soul”, but more the sense of inter-beingness that stretched all the way to this earthly existence.

In the similar manner my being has obviously chosen to speak to me through the portal of my Sacred Wound. How can I truly embrace the light of the Soul, connect with the Zero Point of my human existence – if not in relation to another human being?

Ascending towards Life on Earth

That was the point, that I would describe as the liberation of the “Soul mission”. Moment of reconnecting timeless Presence through all dimensions of existence into my human experience. It probably sounds Silly, but I’ve been sent to this planet to experience this single moment in time. It’s the natural sense of unravelling divinity and being able to fully embrace it in the physical. In coming here and establishing my Presence within this lifetime, the Universe is re-creating simple pull back mechanism towards Oneself for myriad aspects and numerous beings within the multidimensional template of human species. Does it sounds complicated or way out there?

The nature of End times

On personal note, within my individual journey it represents the feeling of surrender towards divine nature of the Soul. In describing this process, I am sharing the perspective that represents the beginning of an End.

This is the step that goes beyond ancient teachings, spiritual traditions or even the prophetic visions in the known (hi)story of mankind. It is an open field of possibility in claiming and re-creating Destiny that ought to exist within all human Souls. It doesn’t seem to be the Path that many of currently incarnated Souls are ready and willing to take.

Nevertheless this is my Gift to humanity and this planet, withstanding the journey over eons of time. It’s also my openhearted call towards those that are hearing the Echo of ancient Presence that is engrained within the field of our shared inter-beingness. Life on this planet is rapidly changing and claiming One’s innate spiritual nature is the only way to navigate through this interdimensional Shift in Consciousness.

I urge you to not be taking my words for granted and at the same time invite to tune into energetic pulse of this sharing. How does it make you feel? Is there a sense of rejection, and if so - where does it come from?

Personal reiteration of One’s Soul journey

This leaves me in sharing the feeling that replaces the yearning within myself of reconnecting with the Source. To me it came as close as the sense of Magic and Alchemy. On the level of my Soul, I’ve travelled spaces&times way beyond human existence, yet nothing can truly compare to this moment in time and the reality we are currently living in. Life, that humans have been used to believe as reality is ending and it seems that nothing can stop the completion of “Homo-sapiens experiment.” Yet, there is a sense of utmost possibility of becoming the vital part of co-creating new species. One, that is going to live in harmony and alignment with cosmic cycles of the Universe, wider Galactic family and natural environment of this planet.

I would consider this particular lifetime truly as the Pearl in Universal structure. There is this anticipation of weaving together the experience that has been on-going for billions of years.

Invitation to join wider Galactic movement

Let Us seize this opportunity and truly become the carriers of divine Presence and sense of sacredness, that is engrained in our own beings. Throughout my own journey, I recognize extensive training in sharpening my Gift of being able to reconnect with higher-dimensional aspects. Within the container of my energetic work, I am keen on bringing them alive by sharing resonant reflections or transmit those energies in different ways. However it’s definitely not about “me or my work”. I am stepping out in absolute vulnerability of my human expression, in the aloneness of my own Truth. There are not many people that are able to hear my voice, and even some of those that are listening decided to turn away from it.

If you are one of those, that can feel an aspect of Truth through my words, I invite you to share it with your own circles or social media feeds. It’s truly about the sense of sending the ripples of energy within this (online) web of Life and bring it back to yourself. You've been seeded for this moment in time.🌠

In any way, You are willing to become the carrier of Cosmic Embrace in this world, I am welcoming your role in this process. 🙏

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