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Cosmic Embrace on the adventure


Madagascar -  healing human karma and multidimensional activations

The idea of forest sanctuary has taken shape, as we were able to make roof, before an actual winter approached. As various cosmic frequencies found some shelter in the woods, it was about time to alchemise the journey of remembrance.

Before embarking on the journey, I took part in the gathering, where we were invited to step  into the generational/ancestral karma. This allowed me to re-connect deeper with the original human DNA. 

When (part of) the healing work has been done, how can I truly embrace the energetic memory of Lemurian Times? This notion has been present for some years already, due to the regressions back in “my Lemurian experience”.

The idea that finally landed tend to be a trip to Madagascar. After all, that’s where one is supposed to find Lemurs, creatures that reflect the name of the ancient land/time in the story of our planet.

At the same time, I would be accompanied on this adventure. Travelling with someone - that is equally comitted in activating One's multidimensional template - what can actually go wrong, when Cosmic Embrace join on the adventure?

Breaking down the complexity of my human landscape, I’m sharing some of my recent experiences. Hopefully it can illuminate some of the on-going field dynamics, potentially serving You on your own Home-coming journey.

So the journey has begun with genuine feeling about enhancing the feeling of flower of life. Re-creating the sense of toroidal flow, where it might have became stuck in the wheels of time.

Let’s bring it out of the woods, was my sense when reaching our capital and embarking on travels.

The portal has opened, as we literally catched the flight by the minute. The day of strike, at the airport in Paris and the invitation towards (energetic) opening of the space, tends to begin early on. As we already surrendered in missing the flight, some actual opening appeared and we run directly through it into the plane.

Hannah celebrating arrival at the plane turned out to be the last time when particular figure of flower of life appeared to be in one piece. During the flight it broke in two pieces, leaving us with fragment for each. Maybe it can be restored through mutual amplification.

Baggage has been another story, when arriving on the Island of Madagascar. As our luggage didn’t make it on time, the reflection spoke to the necesity of travelling light through that portal, when moving back in time.

In the meantime, also what’s been left from my baggage was stolen. Maybe it was the welcoming gift from the place, that literally strip away, all that connected me to any sense of societal identity.

Well, I couldn’t take it so lightheartedly at the time, even though the experience with African police brought me the sense of transcendental awareness. Why taking it so Seriously? It seemed so paradoxical to witness the hierachicaral structure of people, that doesn’t really (want to) know what their job is. At the same time everyone tends to give the impression, that they are doing it really well.

Local streets (and higher-dimensional guidance) turned out to work way better in that regard. I was able to get back, at least my passport and some pappers of my recent writings. It gets so easier to navigate life abroad with European passport in hands, I’ve always been so grateful for it.

Decent part of my recent Soul mussings is gone, as the computer obviously ended up somewhere down the line of Antananarivo streets. It’s my assumption, that some of the text specifically about Ra energy, just wanted to be blocked, before I was actually able to publish it.

In that process of eqalizing with sequence of events, I had to embrace that feeling of the violation of my own field, whilst simultaneously feeling acceptance/forgiveness.

The level of betrayal has been reflected in recognizing that playfulness of the young children, that caught my attention, was actually used as the mean of distraction - whilst things were being stolen. And in the process of “sorting out the crime”, I could feel that some people that seemingly came to support me, have been involved in the activity themselves. We've been looking for the pieces of my baggage, that were thrown out of the backpack. I found my journal, swimming suit, mango, wooden necklace - all of which doesn't seem to have a market value...

Eventually, I had to empathize with their situation, feeling an absolute sense of powerlesness in their life. It’s still difficult for my being to witness human beings, that are willing to cause great harm to each other in order to fulfill their (percieved) needs. And than - as the “westerner” - how many times have I been in the position of (subconsciously) causing harm to other sentient life through my way of being?

Immediately I was brought to the dynamic that has been present, since my arrival to the country. Feeling the welcoming of the Elders and some ancient presence, that is completely disociated from the current society, lacking any sense of connection. At the same time locals carry this feeling of resentment towards tourists, due to the history of (French) colonization, whilst at the same time tourist represent their only way of hope towards better life…

Yes, I had to embrace that ultimate feeling of responsibility, for all that misconceptions and constant projections among different groups of people. It touches me deeply on the Soul level, that realizaton that humanity has become so deeply invested in various constructs that continuously set people aparat. Most of the humans have lost the capacity to look deeply into the eyes of another and recognize divine presence in the mirror they are looking at. How many Souls will eventually find their way out, as the Shift continues to unravel further?

Tuning in that karmic sense of responsibility, that seems to be stored on the level of my being, I was able to let go of my “foreigner story”. I am not the foreigner in this human story anymore, eventually I became part of it. The invitation to sink deeper with the Island, presented itself in the form of an ancient baobab tree. It is growing in the North of the country, next to the ocean. Locals believe to be the oldest growing tree of the species  and it well represented an entry point for my Consciousness to arrive more fully on the adventure.

There is obviously lots to be realigned and  we’ve encountered the statue of golden angel on multiple occasions. It reflects also the movement of golden tiara, an energy implant, that tends to be blocking the infusion from 6th density field.

In my personal story, there is a need to truly soften in the vulnerability of my human expression. Since my “source of energy” (money and credit card) for navigating life as the tourist in 3rd world is gone, I need to let go of the “old masculine“ way of leadership. It felt scary to be dependent and in the need of asking somebody else for help. Thankfully, Hannah is happy to embrace this part within herself and reflect it in the supportive way for the mission.

Wait, what is the mission about? After layers of karma are being processed, I guess the infusion of higher-dimensional light might take new level. Cosmic Embrace is definitely going to sink deeper into the Earth.

The landing station appeared to be at north of the Island, within the formation of red rocks called Cirque Rogue. Standing at top of the crater easily conveys other worldly feeling and serves as the portal. We’ve got strong etheric support of Whale nation, amplified sense of connection to original humans, and softening of the inter dimensional gates - as some star being nations started to observe our journey. 

Let’s where it takes us further. Who knows, we might even encounter some Lemurs on the way?

I want to add an apology for possible spelling mistakes and image sizes in this writing. It takes some time in getting used to create this text using phone and Malagasy internet connection.

Thanks for joining us on the adventure.👐

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