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Forest Sanctuary

Dear all.👋

It’s done. Forest sanctuary came alive.

What else can I say, after going (virtually) silent for nearly two months?

Here’s some snapshot, to begin with. Tree Consciousness nestled all over and within the Space. Thanks to our Guardians🙏 🌲

Building the space, that is called sanctuary is an intense inner journey. One has to dig deep to remove the layers of old Consciousness. Friends came along to help and Brotherhood kept us in good spirit. 🕳️

Hannah’s inspiration and work flow assisted in clearing it all away. For me, it was a process of unraveling inner knots, recognising my loss of sovereignty along the way. Thanks to the Auroras, that were patient with us. 🌈

After some (inner) cleansing, one needs working hands and physical labour to be engaged as well. 💪

That’s Arcturian inspired pile of wood.

And it’s the invitation to bring yourself to your knees. Metaphorically and practically. It’s not just me kneeling down, entire ancestral lineage seemed to be working in that way.

Assistance in creating the ground level comes in form of my father. Sirians were keen on holding the space for the unraveling of the floor:

Now the floor is even and it’s firm enough to stand on. It is about time to bring in some light. I wonder how might we fully open the Crown? 👑

There it is, Cosmic Embrace on it’s way. Thanks for the ground crew, that has been taking care (and photos) in the meanwhile. 🤗

We just need some more of the soft touch. When the rough structure is done, it’s nice to play with polishing. Andromedans were keen on guiding Hannah’s hands, now there is greater sensitivity to it all:

Not to forget about harmonising one’s energetic balance. “Appel Strudl” as snack and the scent of celebration. Thanks for the gifts of Gaia and all of those bringing her essence alive. 🍎

I might just need to fill in the gaps, some energy still tends to be leaking. It’s some cosmic (saw)dust that fits in perfectly. Thanks for the awakening Starsouls, that have already joined in the process, bringing your energies along 💫

We’ve been (trans)planting a tree as the mean of Forest Sanctuary coming online. There’s the Path that guides here from the forest house and oaks are paving the way towards homeostasis in the Space. 🏡

Some (re)newed companionships and working projects are landing from the ether in our woods. That is some light-language inspired crystallization of the old Lemurian Consciousness, climbing the ladders to different dimensions. 🪜 🧚🏻‍♂️

I guess, there is some picnic setting and actual launch awaiting in the meanwhile. “One (open) hand fits all”, supporting all corners of the Sanctuary existence. Definitely the motto that Hannah embodied throughout this process. Thanks for supporting the pillar of this human existence.🥑

And to You, dear reader, Forest Sanctuary awaits. It’s the begining of the adventure and you are warmly invited to join. We will be also coming online and producing more materials, like E-book and captivating videos in sharing more of the energy about the process. It takes some skills and patience to navigate the actual nature of the Sancturay in the virtual realm. I trust, that we’ll find some way. 🐾

The doors are open, at this point, and it would be joy to host you. Thanks to everyone for the continuous inspiration that is brought on this journey. If you might be unable to connect in the physical, please share some impressions with us here. When connecting through the embrace of the Sanctuary vibes, the Consciousness of Trees is going to hold us in one cosmic hug. May it serve well. 🫂

miha 🌳

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Beautiful work, guys. With love

miha tree
miha tree
Jun 30
Replying to

Thanks friend,😉 feeling your love 💚

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