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New Earth - what does it mean and how to get there?

In following text I am going to convey my perspective about the manifestation of emerging consciousness, that is taking place on the Earth. There are various terms describing the nature of it’s reality, mostly referred to as the ‘New Earth/ 5D reality/ Heaven on Earth’. My wish is to illuminate the process of transition towards that state, something that is nowadays commonly known as planetary ascension.

It’s one of the most common questions on the journey of awakening; “How does the New Earth actually take place, what happens when the Shift in consciousness is complete?”

The viewpoint of my writing is a result of my individual experience of ascension process in this lifetime, including the insights of various souls sharing parts of their journey towards awakened state. At the same time, it includes some of the memories within my own Soul of similar shifts in other planetary constellations and offers higher-dimensional perspective by attunement with the energies that I am connected with. In accordance with my life Path and deep immersion with Gaia over the years, I feel to start sharing my perspective of the ‘New Earth’, with sharing about the backbone of it’s structure – places of higher dimensional connection in nature.

New Earth is happening around us – Islands of hope and Ascension hubs

Physical manifestation of new consciousness is going to take place in various places, that has gone through a process of cleansing and transforming the imprints of old reality construct. This way, they offer a possibility of co-creating a new way of being, that strives towards harmonious way of living with all life around. There is a growing network of places in nature, where people start to embody awakened way of being, or at least discovering possibilities of attunement with their Souls. Here I’m talking of various pioneering places like; conscious communities, holistic healing spaces, different places working in synergy with rhythms of nature (permaculture, biodynamic,…) and possibly even bigger structures, like transition towns,... Those places consists the potential that might be seen as the seed of the New Earth and can be sprouting in various forms and shapes. It doesn’t mean that every permaculture farm or intentional community might manifest as the actual foundation stone of the ‘New Earth’. At this stage many of them might actually be lost in the quest towards sustainability and loosing the necessary focus of dedication to their inner journeys. Yet many holds a potential and offers a possibility, of serving as actual portals towards new reality.

To me it is a joy and privilege to be in position of actively co-creating a new way of being in direct connection with the planetary body of Gaia herself. One could easily notice a growing network of places across the globe and the invitation is there for all sentient life to take part and immerse into the islands of awakened consciousness, spreading the illuminated way of being and remembering our essential connection with the planet. When the seed of those places is going to actually sprout I’m seeing their role as ascension hubs, becoming a portal towards new reality.

Collapse of the old Earth/ "3D matrix system”

In order to fully grasp the process of manifesting the ‘New Earth’, we need to embrace what is actually happening with the reality, that we collectively reside in. Every Soul on their journey of awakening at some point taps into the inconvenient truth of human culture. Sophisticated way of life through modern global culture has became extremely toxic. It is harming our planet, most of the living beings around us and systematically closes down most of human souls.

The question that naturaly arises at that point: What will happen to all of the structures, that were built in order to support the expansion of our species on this planet?

Offering the perspective that might be close enough to the Truth, the answer will probably bare a lot of weight to human minds. Realizing the dependency of our lives, upon energetic and technology structures that are causing great harm to sentient life on a daily basis, the time might not be on our side in order to create a different way of being.

Many of the structures and facilities that support societal lifestyle will be washed away in the near future. Huge collapse, one could even say cleansing of the surface is already happening. Climate changes and natural catastrophes are resembling a part of the process, through which the Earth is restoring it’s balance. Yet, there is much more awaiting us in the years to come, as various cycles of galactic nature are taking place within our solar system. The scope of changes is not merely the effect of man-made effects, as some would like us to believe in order to propagate the agenda of synthetic reality, that is simultaneously taking place in order to hide true nature of the planetary process. The Universe has it’s own way of restoring the balance through the process that has been prophesied through various spiritual traditions.

Simultaneously with structural changes of our planetary body, it is all happening on the level of societal changes and upheaval. Many are working behind the scenes in order to illuminate the shadow of human existence. The energy structures that has in great degree enslaved the spirit of original humanity are loosing it’s grip over the collective. What’s becoming more clear through witnessing global events of last years, is that life ‘out there’ is going to re-shape through extreme conditions, many times shocking to our linear mindset. In recognizing the depth of this planetary transition the metaphor of sinking ship might be the closest reflection of the process that has already begun. There is no going back to the “old ship” anymore.

Closer look at current societal setting, might not convey very bright vision or inspiration, for anyone that is still mostly dwelling in modern lifestyle based and support merely by Matrix system. Many people are living in overcrowded jungles of concrete, struggling to find their way through days. Most of the nature seems to be highly affected by over consuming lifestyle of our current society. Is there really a way for actual transition to take place, where bright light from various places, can serve as an actual foundation for new reality to take place?

Yes, we as humans, have played a role in global changes, and can greatly empathize with nature/Gaia herself in order not to cause any unnecessary harm. Ours is the possibility to collectively choose in which way do we want to take part in what’s inevitable – collapse of the 3D matrix system, whilst most of our lives still depends upon the resources provided through the system.

Starseed activation – remembering unique gifts of our own souls

As said many times before, the journey towards New Earth is always happening within every individual, and just when new/5D consciousness becomes and embodied expression of one’s life it can manifest as actual changes in the living environment. In order to facilitate transition away from the ‘old reality construct’, we might probably need some sort of the miracle. The answer comes in the form of so called ‘starseeds/starsouls’, a growing number of awakening souls that is tapping into the remembrance of their Soul origins. Stepping into the role they had to play in this great transition, they are serving as the catalysts in this planetary transition. Through activating the capacities, that lays dormant within their own soul, many people are activating the unique qualities of one’s own being. To assist in the process of establishing a “New Earth, healing of various traumas and human conditions needs to take place. Eventually it is coming all the way towards processing ancient human karma, that manifested as the ‘3D matrix system’, where most of the human population still resides in.

The call of the higher dimensions within One’s own Soul template serves as a doorway towards creating new reality that brings all of us closer to the cosmic template of the human race. Working with the energy grid of the planet through establishing connection on certain places, anchoring the energy of higher dimensions by simple act of singing or speaking ‘the light language’, transmuting dense energy in modern environments,...the number of skills grows incrementally in order to assist in the transition towards New Earth for anyone willing to take place. Activating the connection of their own soul frequency, starseeds are here to assist others in order to join in their own process of walking towards New Earth. The cosmic seed of humanity is sprouting through people embodying their starseed qualities, in their day to day life.

Ascension – collective journey of our lifetime

Lots have been written and said in spiritual community, about the process called ascension. It often times entails various elements of mysticism. The process might be seen as individual pathway towards higher dimensions of consciousness and re-activation of the multidimensional nature within individual human Soul. It is also shared journey offered to the current population on the Earth plane. In terms of the emergence of the New Earth, I would like to refer to the collective journey described as the planetary ascension.

Speaking of the process of transmutation, the process is alchemical in it’s nature, which means that the ‘old reality’ is transforming in ways that will inevitably result in some new form through a ‘pinch of magic’.

It’s obvious to me that events of current times, offers clear symbology to the magnitude of the process we are in. Extreme weather conditions, global pandemic, societal unrest, emerging light of awareness about the existence of shadow systems,... And also the emergence of new Consciousness, starseed movement & Islands of awakened Consciousness that started to gather the momentum. The journey towards New Earth has begun, and I believe that we still have a choice as a collective to influence the pathway towards new destination according to our heart’s desires. However the bells are ringing louder and louder in the story of old humanity and the time is becoming very real in the illusion we call ‘modern life’. It is definitely the process of current times, if we might truly decide to actually join the movement and become embodied expression of the awakened humanity. This journey might span throughout next years, probably few decades before humans can fully open the gateway to the Greater family of light. The brother/sisterhood of star races is with us, as we are attuning with the Pathway of Gaia, the Soul of this home planet.

In this way, ascension is the journey of modern times that manifests as the progressive awakening/remembrance into the Truth of who we are as spiritual/divine beings. Rather than a fancy word in spiritual circles in order to emphasises the nature of planetary transition – it is many times very raw, direct and intense way that is forcing us to let go of the collective construct of solid form that we've become used to believe as reality.

On that Path many circumstances of our lives, be it living settings, working activities, relationships, way of doing things will be greatly changed and affected in order to navigate us towards more liberated way of ourselves.

Heaven on Earth – how do we get there as individual Souls?

The prosperity of heaven on Earth and renewed sense of life has been offered as the future perspective in various spiritual traditions throughout modern history. Many have walked this Path before us, and we are living among those, that are walking together with us.

The moment one truly commits to the journey and actually start walking towards New Earth, all matters of questions arise. When and where will it happen? What will happen to my family, loved ones, and friends, will they be a part of New Earth as well?

The nature of ascension process in our current time-space reality is reflected through different waves. Many already have a strong inner feeling, that New Earth has already taken place. Some are tirelessly discovering their way there and many are waiting for magical ‘Event’ to take place and bring us all into the New Earth. And there will definitely be an end to these changes, like the culmination of various waves, as the cleansing process of old Earth will complete on the surface of the planet.

Most of the people are probably still unaware about the magnitude of changes and what’s actually taking place on the planet we live together. First and foremost I have the strong urge to share, that the emergence of New Earth is real and is happening now. Awakening into the Truth of your own being and profound shift in consciousness is in my view the only way, that can withstand the changes that are just about to begin on the Earth plane. Anyone who has truly embraced this Path, can share that it’s not an easy process. Many are not yet ready to hear the message, and many are still denying it’s essence and numbing down the voice of their own Souls. The quantum leap of awareness that is needed to embrace this Shift might be simply too much to bare. They might choose more usual way of transitioning from the Earth plane through the process of death and probably opt for the best possible outcome from that point onwards. Some might even be cleansed through the process that leads through the other side of the galactic-doorway, the essence of which transcends the nature of this writing.

And there are also those that might be finding their way through the other side of the ascension process – that which is manifesting as the Apocalypse in form of collapse of the old reality. Even though many souls up to current date are not yet actively participating in this shift, the window of opportunity is still open. We need to be honest and admit, that as humans we are all merely a players in the great story of Gaia herself and her process of crystallization of various densities of it's devic consciousness. It is a great honour and, I believe, excitement for every soul to have the possibility to take part in co-creating the story of New Earth.

The most important thing to realize is that we all have a choice in this great transition. All of us, be it your family, friends or yourself. Our souls works tirelessly in order to convey us a message and prepare us for a pathway towards New Earth, might we decide to join. The best way to assist anyone else in the process is by fully embodying the very own choice of your own Soul. This way the doorway towards awakened reality opens wide for all sentient life. The New Earth seems to be a galactic community of different Souls gathered all around the cosmos, choosing the crystalline grid of The Earth as next destination on their journey.

Personal story and my affiliations

For the last nine years my inner journey has been about profound shifts in consciousness, reflected in my outer landscape in transforming the farm of my ancestors towards a place, that is starting to reflect the feeling of sanctuary. I’ve been living in close connection with nature and living together with the land has taught me much of true nature. That of me as the human being, as well as opening a doorway towards awakening transcendental capacities of my being. I’ve been blessed to visit some of the places of similar nature, serving me as an inspiration towards discovering harmonious way of being with all sentient life. Some visual impressions from my living setting over the years, can be found on the FB profile of our Space:

Within this process of attunement with my own multidimensional template the work of Openhand foundation has been of great assistance to me. It served me as the community resembling the roots of our galactic heritage and supported the emergence of Cosmic Embrace. Speaking about my affiliation with OpenHand movement, my wish is to continue offering the actual cosmic perspective of our humanly affairs. Here you can find more about OH philosophy:

Feeling myself as the part of awakened collective, the story of New Earth has landed within me as the immaculate sense of homecoming. Honouring the commitment and dedication of growing number of Souls to their mission of co-creating Heaven on Earth, it is on going process of growing into the mystery of Life on the Earth plane. Celebration, joy, bliss, awaits. Renewed life is waiting for us and together with the 'higher dimensions' we are deciding in which way will the process take place through every single one of our earthly activities. I've witnessed a collective transition through my inner eyes on various occasions, yet there are so many varieties that can change and it all depends on our common endeavours.

The more we are able to embrace the transition voluntarily, by creating a lifestyle that's in closer alignment with ourselves and all life around us, more we can avoid outer catastrophes that might force us to do so.

As always, there is my invitation to find your own way of resonance with this writing, in alignment with what feels right for you. It's just you and your own Soul, that can guide anyone towards the New Earth. The amount of information shared in the text might call for specific attention, however if part of this writing is helpful to you, please do share in order to create growing wave of awareness even on social media platform. Together we hold a power of co-creating the most magnificent version on The New Earth and establishing a structure for all sentient life to join the process.

Travel well, dear Soul,

and let us find each other down the flow 🌊 🤗

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