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Starseed journey - Video

Have you ever wondered how does the starseed journey really look like and what our Souls actually signed up for before incarnating on this planet? 👼

That's the invitation that I felt to share with you in our latest video. Coming back from a spiritual journey on the Canary Islands, it accompanies the integration process of settling back into the woods.

Tap into the true meaning of your existence here, and get to know how it can actually be implemented through day-to-day life. Lean into the remembrance of starseed mission and discover more about your unique role. Plant and nurture the seeds of your own divinity by becoming part of the movement. Connect with gatekeepers of our Space and enjoy some great footage from recent travels.

If you have found some inspiration in the video, I invite you to share some of this energy here. Please reach out with some comment/thumbs up and let's connect to share some of the awakening frequencies on this journey. 🌟🙏🏽

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This is such a beautiful video my friends. The message is loud and clear! Great to see you guys stepping into the star soul mission and expressing your creativity and joy. It's uplifting and inspiring!

Vimal 🙏

miha tree
miha tree
Feb 20
Replying to

It's great to see and feel you tuning in Vimal. As you've guided us to/through the Land of Original humans, I wish we can embark deeper towards the stars with this One.

And eventually I jumped in that creek and cold water even before March, as you could see...So your invitation actually worked.

Greetings and warm hug 🤗

Miha 🌳

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