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The Gift of Multidimensionality

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Guideline to connect with your multidimensional nature & original human template.

There is a yearning that exist within Souls that are attracted in discovering the content of this blog and webpage. Deep curiosity to discover more about the nature of reality and Shift in Consciousness happening on the Earth plane. The wish towards ultimate liberation and the utmost desire to be of service in the unfolding of the Universal dream. The process of reconnection with the true nature of your Soul, might bring you the innerstanding of your own role within this cosmic story.

Dear reader, I want to honour your Presence, in coming here to this platform. Since Cosmic Embrace came online, my own journey led me in discovering more of its nature. The word Inception came to me, reflecting the process that has been happening of late. Some of you might recall the movie, where the main character is progressively deepening within the layers of one's own dream. In similar manner, I have been guided towards the sense of expanded awareness to recognize and unveil more of the Universal template.

In this article, I feel to share some of the key factors for those, that might be interested in connecting and working with higher-dimensional aspects one's Soul.

Multidimensional nature of human Soul

For long period of time, humanity has been existing within the spectrum of very limited awareness. It's commonly referred to as 3D reality, often times seen also as Matrix, using analogy from another movie script. The first level of awakening within collective human Psyche has been simply in recognizing the existence of the world, that exists outside of this Matrix system. In this stage, people become able to expand the awareness in experiencing life outside of narrow-minded point of view. However, this is only the beginning of the Odysees towards one's own sense of Soul.

Do you feel intrigued to discover more about your own nature and engage in the process of activating the aspects from your multidimensinal landscape? Check out the following process and see how it works for yourself.

Simple guideline to establish the connection with higher-dimensional Consciousnes


1. Set the foundation and open the space

When you might be willing in establishing the connection, there needs to be some kind of openness for those energies in your life. You can simply state an invitation and make clear that you welcome only those aspects that are in resonance with your own Soul frequency, supporting the interests of all Life. There are numerous ways and words through which you can invoke those aspects, what matters the most is truly the heartfelt intention within yourself. Your Soul is keen on recognizing what are going to be the most suitable energies for you at given point in time. This way, you can begin with the process of integration of your multidimensional nature.

Check out more about particular interdimensional frequencies and the influences they bring in people's lives:

2. Begin with the question

No matter where you are on the human journey and the awareness about your own sense of Soul you might have - Connection with higher dimensions of Consciousness always starts with the question. Often times the inquiry might actually arise (sub)consciously in your mind and all you have to do is to pick up the impulses that might be coming on your way. In getting ready to know more about yourself, it might be of great value to learn to ask question, that can assist in unfolding more of your true Self.

Let me address the question to your own sense of Soul - how deep within the landscape of your own being are you willing to become awake?

3. Follow the impulse

Getting acquainted with this process, some might like to begin in meditative setting and keep discovering merely through their inner senses. In this regard one needs to be able in recognizing subtle perceptions, that can be easily cultivated through the state of expanded awareness. Nevertheless, as the initial connection has been made, the response would normally follow in your living circumstances. All you have to do is to recognize the impulse, or simply focus your attention towards those situations that truly touch something within yourself. When noticing yourself in those spiking moments of your daily life, this is the golden opportunity to enhance the connection.

For example, you might find yourself at the cross-road of major life decision within your living setting and suddenly you are hearing people around you, that are speaking about alternative ways of living. There is definitely going to be some new realization to your journey.

4. Recognize the opportunity

Some situations can be easy to spot and the answer to your question seems to elicit naturally. There will also be occasions, when you find yourself in triggering situations, seemingly without obvious answers. They might be also in conflict with desires of your mind, especially if you dive deeper in the healing journey. What you are truly looking for in this stage of the inquiry is the feeling sense of connection. How does it affect your experience - there might be sense of curiosity/adventure, or does it bring up some sort of fear and anxiety? In any case, any of those sensations contains some sort of guidance that can assist you with the next step.

When being brought at the edge of the comfort zone, it might be of immaculate importance to spot the divine invitation in the particular occurrence.

5. "Tune in" with yourself

As you've noticed, that something is happening around yourself, this might be the moment that the Soul has chosen to communicate with you. The crucial thing here is to step beyond any reactivity towards the situation. Remember, in previous step we mentioned the feeling sense of connection and that is a doorway into expanded sense of your awareness. Almost if you are (internally) asking the question - what is my Truth in this? In some way, you can simply start to observe the situation from slightly distant perspective and this will reveal true meaning of the encounter.

The sense of Soulful connection happens from the state of "being", rather than "doing". Whilst following this guideline, can easily brings you to the precipice higher-dimensional encounter, re-connection happens beyond the confines of ordinary human perception.

6. Unveil the meaning of the encounter

When people refer to strong sense of intuition, this might be simplified invitation to integrate the experience in your reality. There is some sort of "aha moment", when higher-dimensional knowing lands within yourself. It will probably come in "unique language" within your reality; maybe a word spoken by someone, animal that keeps appearing, symbols or objects that brings particular meaning to yourself,... It might also be just the inner impulse, some sort of visual, might be even some sound or specific smell. At this point you are simply going to get the answer or guidance that can be applied as the next step on your human journey.

I've started this guideline with the question to your own sense of Soul and in coming to this stage I am feeling the sense of remembrance. It simply comes with the notion of cosmic tree and recognizing individual leaves on the outskirts of this inter-being. Each one of us carry unique point of view, when speaking from the perspective of the leaf.

7. Acknowledge the process with simple awareness/gratitude

When you feel ready to implement the insights within your journey, it is crucial to complete the cycle through some sort of acknowledgment. It is about recognizing your role as human being in this process, as well as express gratitude towards higher-dimensional (Soul) Consciousness that you've interacted with. That's what eventually enhance the connection to your multidimensionality and brings you the possibility to experience this life as "cosmic citizen".

Once truly stepping on this journey, You can start discovering more about different dimensional aspects that might exist outside of this collective reality construct. In this process you can become a conduit for many of those energies, whilst implementing them through the experiences of your daily life.


Stretching far-off towards the leaves of the Cosmic Tree

When you are going to start working with aspects of yourself that might exist outside the confines of the ordinary human existence, get ready to see "the ball rolling". Some of those aspects might be frozen in time - they might be ancient pieces of yourself or even the future potential, yet to be manifested. And then, there are those that are existing in spaces between places. On the other side of dimensional doors, your Soul might have stored pieces that didn't yet have the opportunity to be(come) part of your daily life.

In some of the cases you'll be invited to embrace the pain of Separation. On some level it might have been a mutual agreement to shield away the fragments of your own Soul. Whilst integrating them in your current experience, it usually comes with a need to acknowledge the disconnection that happened in the first place. Honour also the pain and the challenge of this process.

Recently, I came across the realization that I haven't directly included much of the "Tree Consciousness" within this online setting. There's been the initial question in which way it can be included in this context - and the insights that came through encounters with various trees has been to simply include the drawing of Tree of Life in this space.

What is the feeling sense of signs that come on your own Path?

Paying attention to simple details in your own life and consciously dedicating time to your heartfelt impulses is going to create the cumulative effect in this process of re-connection. It's not about immediately discovering the answers you might be yearning for, or having the Life sorted out. This journey is truly about recognizing your unique nature as the individuated aspect of One and learning to navigate the experience of Life from that place. It can become continuous stream of inspiration an on-going Love affair with your own sense of Soul. How much of yourSelf are you truly willing to bring within your own human Life?

Becoming an agent of change within the Universal template

If you have been drown to this writing, there is definitely vital aspect of the Universe within yourself, ready to be discovered. What feels like a "side effect" of this process is the simultaneous change within the universal structure that is happening through your being. That is the moment of Inception, the realization of the Gift that has been planted within your own Soul. It's nothing short of miraculous, becoming awake in this cosmic dream of the One. As all life on Earth (and within this Universe) is progressively shifting towards more harmonious state of existence, You have been invited to instrument this transition by embodying the core energies of your Soul.

The actual gem of this process is in the restoration of the multidimensional template within human species. Once you open up (inwards) and connect with the wholeness it is going to create rippling effects in the wider energy field.

I can not imagine what can be more rewarding in this life, as to awaken deeper into the dream of your own Being. Thank you, dear Soul, on the behalf of the Universe, for choosing to be immersing in this work in this moment of time and remembering why you came here in the first place. The New Earth is upon Us and it is "coming online" by activating divine blueprint within yourself.

If you might have some questions regarding the nature of this process or might want to apply it within specific life situation, please share in the comments. I would be happy to offer my perspective and assist in the unraveling.

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