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Wordplay to settle into the Day

Updated: May 20, 2023

Journeying through dimensions of existence,

the pitfalls of illusion kept a traveller’s persistence,

speaking through the voice of the another,

the true sense of me was hidden in big brother.

Who am I truly in this world of appearing

Belonging to the lie and unaware of the inner clearing?

The magic of the Universe itself starts talking,

inspiring the seeker on the Path of walking.

Through labyrinths of countless stories,

unravelling all the way beyond cosmic worries -

Am I actually here to learn,

how is the experience of Life to discern?

When the sky is blue as well as the ocean,

let Mother Earth teach me of devotion,

to something bigger than a false voice,

creating more illusions and spreading noise.

An open heart for a new beginning

releases the burden of countless spinning.

No amount of avoidance or civilized manners,

what blocks the essence will be hit by hammers.

While dwelling in this human suit,

the sense of urgency becomes acute,

that the shift in consciousness is making ripples,

illuminating a sense of intergalactic stipples.

Stepping on the other side of the rainbow carpet,

learning to navigate through the spiritual market,

The echoes of the primordial cosmic OM,

through the valley of life and death call me Home.

Let us choose a life that is worth living,

facilitate the process of New Earth stemming,

prior the tumultuous waters of planetary proportions,

cleanse the light and numerous souls of their distortions.

Speaking with the eyes of innocence on my face,

galactic beings continue to hasten the pace

This game of hide and seek is over,

let my own Truth move the waters of turnover.

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