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Welcoming Cosmic Embrace

Updated: May 22, 2023

Stepping into this world as me

What does it take to navigate this world as spiritual being? Being the One, that I've always known deep down to be.

With this mind, I'm not intersted in the apperance and wanting to look spiritual out there. It's also not about intelectual pontification of Oneness or star beings and getting lost in the mind about our divinity. It's simply about Truth; raw, unfiltered, authentic and vulnerable. It takes time to get acclimatized to Life here - first getting to know how this environment actually operates. And than remembering where did One came from, and what is supposed to be the idea of my being here. That's what I'm looking for in bringing myself out there. In some way, I'm stepping through the "spiritual market", as my online appearnce blends into the societal reality.

We are merely the reflections of the Universe and each other.

How clean are our own lenses, as we look into the mirror?

"Check in" with the reality

Let's get real here. My introduction needs to be accompanied with some sort of reminder. If you are going to truly discover this webpage and might be staying with me for awhile, get ready to have some of your world-views drastically challenged. You might came across reflections and beings that will stir your imagination and unveil your hidden gifts and beliefs. Or equally, You might wake up to the Illusion, that you supposed to take for granted as reality. As soon as one becomes dedicated to this home-coming journey, the process works in both ways. Hand in hand you are going to be peeling the layers of old reality and keep making space for Your Soul, to truly arrive here. The question is, do you really want to live as real You in this lifetime?

What/where is Home?

I've done "not so ordinary" things on my journey through life. One of them has been building my living setting as house in the woods, so I came close to the idea of physical home. Nevertheless, it was just one of the steps that opened the doorway towards my actual Home. Therefore, I am always curious to hear when others are willing to share about their own sense of Home and what brings them closer towards the feeling of Home.

What brings you sense of Home?

That's the initial idea of bringing Cosmic Embrace into the world. All of Us are here in this life, as one of the (many) stops on the journey of the Soul. At one hand it looks appealing - the beauty of nature, complexity of environments, possibility of countless interactions with other beings, the intricacy of physical sensations...

But something just doesn't feel right "out there". In many ways, life on this planet feels strange, to say at least. If I am to ask your Soul, does life on Earth reflect you the feeling of Home?

The Great Awakening

In this dense and complex environment of the 3D Earth many of the Souls tends to get lost.

Throughout my own process of awakening, I've got to continuously realize how much more there is to myself. As opposed to the beliefs that were stored within me during the period of socialization, I needed to gradually wake up to the deeper Truth of my own being. And even just remembering some of the Gifts that I brought to this world might have caused merely a premature Soul activation. My body/mind was simply not just ready to accommodate more of myself.

In getting ready to share Cosmic Embrace with the world, I had to keep developing trust and learning what different cosmic energies came here to offer. Learning to attune with different interdimensional energies I am continuously developing landscape to bring them into tangible form. Connecting through different dimensions of existence (technically it would be more correct to see it as densities), it is a process to navigate them through human expression.

I came to realize, that as people are waking up it gets very easy to start seeing oneself simply as the "child of the Universe." Suddenly there might be the awareness of different celestial realms and possibility of various Soul gifts. For example free-flowing/flying, why can't one move through this reality so easily... Or good old telepathy, it just doesn't seem to work here, anymore. And after all, being disconnected from one's own sense of family and all of those lighter frequencies of being, that Starseeds are so used to.

Wait flying, frequencies,...? And who exactly are the Starseeds?

That's when it becomes captivating, my friend. I trust that if you've got my attention, there is still a lot for you to discover. Some people might consider this world of interdimensionality as deep rabbit hole of nothingness. In this case, it's better to drop the idea and maybe come back later, when the Soul will be ready to truly jump in.

I've been there, I know how does it feel like to forget. When You are not seen in this world, where the qualities of your being displaced and tethered upon...In facing the level of alienation that often times ostracized me from society (in different lifetimes), I had to eventually develop the language that work in both directions. And I know how does it feel like, when the most sacred thing is taken away from You. When you marvel at the Universe and keep asking, whether there is actually someone holding your back... That's all been included in this school we call 3D Earth. And I can just imagine, that you've been going through something similar of your own accord.

And if you continue to stay with my sharing, it definitely qualifies you for the Starseed, or at least One in the making. I came here to remind You that you are not alone on this journey.

What kind of world, awakens your imagination?

Gift of Remembrance

In opening up for your multidimensionality, there are tremendous opportunities and gifts awaiting on the other side of "the heavenly doors". In remembering more of the Soul essence, one might actually recognize that it has all been building up for this moment, for the homecoming journey. As humanity, we are entering the grand finale of this Game, where You are invited to simply realize Yourself through all that is happening here.

What does it take to truly forge One's Soul in this human life? Maybe it is to recognize that all of the circumstances and events on your Path are coming to you as the blessing. However how would the child, that has been separated from their parents and spent their childhood as the Orphan, respond in hearing this notion? That's actually the feeling, that most of the starchildren in Us carry within themselves.

I am not here to paint some sort of the rosy picture about the starseed movement. In reminding You about the true nature of your beingness, I want to emphasize about the nature of Ascension - the homecoming journey that humanity has embarked upon.

In some way it is also very raw, direct and intense way that is forcing to let go of this "collective construct" that people become used to believe as reality.

Cosmic Grace

I wanted to welcome Cosmic Embrace into this world through the online format by sharing some of the transparency, as the experiences from my own journey. In this, people might get ready for the Depth, that is being reflected through my being. Some of it might be even felt through this writing. It's only ever a beginning...

But hey, let's not take it too serious. Cosmic Embrace brings Us the notion, that as human beings we are merely the protagonists in the story of much greater proportions. To me there is tremendous privilege in being alive in these times. And being able to recognize and feel ourselves within this Great Shift into the New Paradigm of Life...that's when Cosmic Embrace turns into Grace.

I wish Us well,

to be present in this reality and

blessed by all of the celestial Love.

Thank you for lighting up the world, my dear friends.🙏

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Jun 05, 2023

This is such a beautiful introduction of what you are bringing here on this plane of existence, and the Shift. As I read your words I feel I'm on an energetic ride through the dimensions, and I'm here for it 🌌 looking forward to more of your writings. Much love, Hannah

Jun 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for this welcoming feedback Hannah. It's going to be multidimensional ride, for sure. You can check out more about opening fot the possibility of "divine encounters" in the following article on this blog. Best wishes🙏

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