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Spiritual Facilitation

Energy realignment - Individual sessions

The method is suitable for various stages of the awakening process and assist people in facing challenges on this journey. In mediating the process of starseed activation, you will be invited to:


-> Face the most prominent challenges in your Life situations and get empowered on the Path

-> Give space to your pain and heal it through an open heart

-> Enter your deep inner Space and connect beyond the mental plane of existence

-> Recognize your divine Purpose and tap into the feeling of Soul family

-> Connect with the field of awakened Consciousness and step towards the Crystalline grid of New Earth

-> Unveil your sacred Gifts and become an agent of Change in this world

-> Remembrance of your own divine essence and welcome You in your Life


Sessions take place in an energetically safe space supported by various higher-dimensional aspects of the Soul, that I am connected with. These energies tends to offer assistance to people connecting with their own sense of self and catalyse the process of Soul integration. 

Foundation of my energy work

The common topic within my framework tends to be in mediating the challenges of the Starseed origins. This means, working with the aspect of more “cosmic energies” from one’s Souls template and illuminating the pathway for their expression through daily life. My presence tends to easily activate the karmic field of people, that I'm in connection with. With the sense of deeper awareness, I'm naturally drawn in creating the sense of Home for the wounded aspects of Oneself.

When energetically connecting with people, I prefer to see my work coming from the place of being. In humble connection, the work is done by "Who I am", whilst utilizing some of the tools described here.

Soul Activations

Utilizing energy transmission in order to awaken dormant aspects of One's Soul

Processing stagnant energies

Intimate connection with the energy field to amplify  breaking through the blockages that are ready to be released.

Guided meditations and grid work reparations.

Creating safe space for people to land welcome their own sense of Soul and reconnect with expanded sense of Self.

Individual sessions are of virtual nature. Upon request, I am also offering session in person.

Time duration for one single session is normally between 60-90 min, however there is possibility to ask also for some basic connection in a short space of time. Below you could check basic frameworks that I offer and get to know more. 


As part of energy exchange, I ask for the contribution offering sliding scale.  In this way my wish is to serve all sorts of backgrounds and this way You can truly choose what suits your current circumstances.

Please don’t let the monetary exchange stop you from reaching out, even if you are not able to meet these values. If you feel that connection can assist you in some way, let me know more about your circumstances so we might be able to find out what works best for ourselves.

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  • Allow Yourself to connect inwards and surrender deeper through my gui...

    30 min

    25-50 EUR
  • Energy healing session includes working through blockages and opening ...

    1 hr 30 min

    50-100 EUR
  • Opening the space and inviting transcendental capacities of your being

    1 hr

    66-99 EUR
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Get in Touch

Cosmic Embrace

Miha Tree and Forest Sanctuary

+386 41 599729

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To book the appointment or further inquire please send me your message here or write via mail:

Your being lights up the world.

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