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Greetings from the forest - Intro Video

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

It's getting real, cosmic expression is anchoring all the way down to the woods. I am sharing the sense of Cosmic Embrace from it's natural habitat. In the introductory video, the invitation is extended towards the higher-dimensional Odysee, that might as well become the adventure of our lifetimes.

Here are the perspectives in regards to common questions, that appeared in relation to my expression and the journey towards the cosmic sense of Self. Check out the possibility of awakening to your own multidimensional awareness and tune in the feeling sense of starseed movement.

In line with this video clip, I wish to share also the backgorund of it's Co-creation process. Since establishing the webpage, I received some of the feedbacks/comments about this work that became my compass in it's expression. In that way, the visit that I received in the woods, turned out to be perfect opportunity to capture the sense of emerging consciousness in the video format.

Thanks Hannah for your invaluable input in this process, I trust that your engagement is going to inspire other Souls as well.🙏

In sharing this anecdote, I would be curious to hear about reflections that might arise in people while watching the video. Do share your own comments, or maybe some of the questions that haven't truly been answered in the video.

Sending best wishes to everyone from the woods.🌳🌌

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Sep 11, 2023

Thank you so much Miha for trusting me to assist in this co-creative process. I want to apologise for not commenting sooner, as it is an honour and pleasure to help bring this energy into the world and let it reverbrate far and wide. The compassionately guiding energy that is transmittend through your expression is so valuable for these times.

Even though it is still landing on a personal level, what this Odyssee is truly about, I can strongly feel the underlying pull to fully engage, immerse even, in the role that I'm being asked to embody in it, and as I have expressed before: I am all in 🌸

miha tree
miha tree
Sep 11, 2023
Replying to

Dear Hannah.🌸 There is this notion of active surrender that comes through your words, and also witnessing the sense of creativity that stems from your Soul. And part of this journey might as well be in letting the unknown becoming the yearning of Oneself to truly emabrk on the adventure. It is a privillege to connect with you throughout all of those layers, recognizing the shared impulse of bridging the higher-dimensional aspects to the mutual support on personal level. Wishing You many blessings in this Odyssee and looking forward to the possibility of next shared engagement.👐

Miha 🌴

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