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Greetings of the New Season

What does Cosmic Embrace have in store for the new Calendar Year of 2024? 🎊

In the following video we share a compilation of highlights from the previous season. The journey of cosmic explorations has led us from building a sanctuary "in the woods" to a multidimensional adventure in Madagascar. In the previous year Cosmic Embrace truly became alive and thus came online as well. Throughout those travels, I've been blessed to be met and accompanied by Soul, that has taken great custody of the shared creative process.

Also in this video, Hannah created a picturesque landscape, that can easily connect you with the energy of our endeavors. Listen to the New Year Message, get inspired by Starseed energies and check what is in store for the upcoming year. At the end of the video, you can let yourself settle with the energy transmission. 🧘

For the best experience of sound, we recommend using headphones. 🎧

Heartfelt thanks to those who have already been part of our journey and found your way of connection. Wishing much blessings on your journey and looking forward to the possibility of creating new pathways of coming together. 🙏

Let the energy of the new season stir the wings of your Soul and bring alive those Cosmic Dreams, that are carried within. 🌌

Miha 🌳

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