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Starseed awakening and true nature of Soulful gatherings

It is within the nature of every awakening Soul to embark on the quest for that familiar sense of connection. Many seekers are simply drawn to nature, particularly looking for some deeper reflections through numerous beings including plant&animal kingdom. Yet it also seem to be somewhat engrained in our psyche to seek for that resonance amongst other human beings. It might be of immaculate importance, especially when the expression of oneself is coming from the Soul. The process of growing into those kind of feedback loops can eventually deepen the connection with your own Soul Family. The moment when you can recognise the feeling “There is someone out there, that really gets me…” becomes priceless.

The current situation on the planet, as most human Souls incarnate into, is convoluted to say at least. In particular reality construct, Souls are normally drawn together by the shared inquiry around various karmic constructs. Spirituality often categorise this as some sort of Law of attraction, referring to the agreements that you might have made prior to incarnation. How often did you hear spiritual people speaking about the idea of choosing one’s own parents?

Personally, I recognise there might be some aspects of Truth in those ideas. However, they seem to lack the awareness of actual multidimensional background within the population of human souls. When it comes to the Origin of one’s Soul, humanity is actually very diverse. What’s even more, our Species consists of various “star-seeds” that came here elsewhere from the Cosmos. And there are also younger, merely  human Souls - that emerged later on this planet. The truth that becomes very commonly overlooked is that in the backbone of our humanness - we might be actually different as the Universe. The experiences that people carry on a Soul level tend to serve as the direction, when one is invited to question the nature of their beingness.

For example, if you might be carrying strong influence of cosmic energies in your field - there is high chance of being incarnated into family with more earthly background.

Various star-souls have taken on different agreements that assisted them to equalise with more dense environment of the Earth. As part of their mission, they might be invited to work with the challenges in their family lineages in their process of awakening. Or they would be trained through the growing up process, to become a voice of change in the area, where they initially lacked the embodiment. That’s one of the reason that  many spiritual teachers in the mainstream,  come with the secular background.

The latest history of starseeds on Earth

The number of people with Starseed characteristics has been incrementally growing over decades. The first bigger wave of starsouls incarnated in the fifties, the generation that would later bring forth hippy movement. Sadly, most of the “first-wavers” have been taught to hide their uniqueness in order to fit within artificially created program of “being human”.  It seems that up to this day, society en large simply hasn’t been ready to accept the idea of ETs, that are living within us.

Being born in early 90s, my personal journey holds the resemblance of “in-between phase”, considering the Starseed movement. Even though, I’ve grown into more systemic, so called Matrix lifestyle, I used to take the first opportunity to leave it all behind and turn my life upside down. As with many “second-wavers”, there is definitely stronger resilience in our energy fields. This means being able to withstand greater level of societal programming.

And then, there are new waves of star-children, that continue to incarnate here. I like to see incoming waves as ray of hope, that can greatly assist in facilitating the process of planetary transformation. Especially when those Souls might be offered supportive environment in growing up, their gifts can develop swiftly. Yet, there is still much work to be done in order to implement true meaning of Starseed movement.

Gathering of the Tribe

The journey of Starseed community up to this point has been challenging, to say at least. The pioneers of awakening movement were often times deprived of truly authentic Soulful connections. Yet within the confines of societal isolation, the flame of re-union has been growing. That’s definitely one of the reasons that has drawn awakening Souls in spiritual gatherings. Emergence of the rainbow tribe.

Why do some people like to attend spiritual retreats?

Sometimes it is the feeling of being held and supported by the group, simply for who one truly is. Or creating space, that energetically supports the process of breaking down Illusions of “human programming”.

Mostly it’s about remembering. Opening the (inner) space for higher-dimensional connection and allowing the lighter frequencies to be truly felt. That’s definitely one of the greatest challenges for Starseeds on Earth. Reality here has offered plenty space for those Souls to dwell in one’s shadow and discover the challenges of physical incarnation. Is it eventually able to accept the brightest of that light as well?

The time is definitely not on our side, when it comes to smooth transition towards awakened state of human Consciousness. But hey, we’ve done this many times before and it is without doubt, that it will happen again.

Cosmic Embrace on yet another adventure

In the moment of writing this message, I find myself on the Island of La Palma. It’s going to be yet another “spiritual gathering”, week long retreat on an active volcano. Within the frame work of Cosmic Embrace, I tend to seek for the connections to different cosmic frequencies that can come alive simply through people in the group. I am carrying strong feeling, that the time of Starseed awakening is upon us.

If there is some burning wish within you to be(come) part of this movement, Life here is waiting for your participation. There might be different groups out there that can support you in this process. If you consider that there is some resonance to Cosmic Embrace, it would be a privilege to take you on board with us.

I am aware that my sharing may raise some eyebrows and could potentially linger people in yet another polarity. As mentioned many times before, the actual  nature of Starseed awakening process tends to bring greater level of humility to people. If you would hear people speaking of their Starseed characteristics with the sense of hierarchy/elevated pride, it’s usually coming from their Ego. Awakened Cosmic Soul would be able to own the custody of their own process and reflect merely a sense of illumination to those that are willing to hear.

That’s why many of Us came here in the first place. Supporting the evolutionary of human species. There’s nothing like serving at the banquet of planetary ascension.

In loving support,

Miha 🌴

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Beautiful message. I wish you well at the Openhand gathering in La Palma.

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