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Video: Forest sanctuary & Divine human potential

The process of capturing the essence of higher-dimensional flow in and through our human lives can be seen as the intricate journey of weaving together the tapestry o light. In the story of Cosmic Embrace, the formless flow is manifesting as the actual building. It is the co-creative process among forest, various cosmic energies and one's human expression. On the level of the Soul, that is the journey of planting oneself here, on this planet.

How can we approach this human experience as the ultimate dream of our Souls, becoming embedded in daily activities? It's all about tapping into transcendence by integrating the personality structure within the energy field of the Soul.

In the video you can check out more about the process and get some inspiration on your journey. I'm talking more about the process of harmonizing the multidimensionality of human DNA in alignment with the building process of the sanctuary.

Enjoy the bonus at the end of the video - our most recent embodied practice of multidimensional restoration - and let it assist the Starseed in you to plant yourself here.

I would be intrigued to hear about your thoughts on the video and this process. Please let me know in the comments. 🙏

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Oct 25, 2023

Hi Miha,

Thanks so much for this video. More even than the exact words, I am deeply inspired by how you express yourself and how much authenticity you embody. So much of what you share about just radiates through your Beingness. In this regard I have been having the inquiery what stands between my current expression and expressing myself into the world as I truly am. I came to getting the following question as a reflection: "What do I believe to be worse or harder, if I would express my authentic Self fully?" There seems to be a thin line between fear of "persecution" and fear of greatness. What if I am actully able to embody the greatness? What all…

miha tree
miha tree
Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

Hi there,

thank you very much for sharing your reflections, it is intriguing to see the awareness that you have about your process 🙏

What stands out strongly for me from those inquiries is the persecution of one's greatness. It almost seems to be the pattern in people with strong starseed characteristics that often times internalize the feeling, that spiritual gifts needs to be abandoned in their societal expression in order to actually fit in. Whilst it might as well be some karmic pattern where those gifts have caused this sense of persecution, I would like to offer the question of what greatness truly means to you?

It is my observation that in societal setting people often times mistake greatness…

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