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Befriend your Cosmic Self

Weekly gatherings of kindred Spirits

Opportunity for people from the area: Space by the forest/ Ljubecna pri Celju

Wednesday, February 14th 18.00-20.00 + 9 Consecutive Weeks until April

Dear Soul 🌈

have you ever wondered how it would be to sit in a group of people where you are completely accepted as you are? And even more, where you could discover and celebrate the Gifts that are uniquely encoded in your DNA. How would it be to truly embark on the journey of Home-coming and be supported along the way? 🤗🌼

We live in times when people start to remember where they actually came from. There tends to be a silver lining to the journey of the Soul, One that eventually pulls You back to the Source. In my own journey of awakening I've been guided to beings & places that reminded me of the true nature of One's Soul. Beyond human appearance, we exist within the multidimensional landscape, that connects Us to the memories of our Cosmic Self. 💫

And yet, the reality that we all share in our daily lives seems to be very complex and purposefully distracting ourselves from that divine connection. Therefore, the feelings of abandonment, confusion and lack of authentic connections are very easily activated within awakening Souls. How often might you have felt that you simply don't fit in and kept wondering where there might be space for you in this environment? 🤔

In having the privilege to work&connect with awakening Starsouls, I can share that You are the Gift to this world. Many of those parts that people tend to neglect and push away from their lives, often times carry tremendous potential. In transforming those parts within yourself, You are actually changing the world! It's definitely not an easy journey to activate all of those frequencies and embody them in your daily life. But, I would say that it's the only thing that actually makes sense in society going crazy... That's also the only way to truly heal yourself and therefore bring more of your light to this world. 🌟

Are you ready to commit to the journey of discovering more of your authentic Self and connect with the cosmic frequencies?

I would like to present You with the opportunity to join Weekly gatherings of kindred Spirits. In the period of 3 months (10 gatherings), I am going to host a small group of people with the idea of befriending our Cosmic Selves. It is going to be a safe space of conscious exploration and mutual exchange about your own spiritual journey and how it is being lived in day to day life.

Gatherings will take place in Space by the Forest (Ljubecna pri Celju) in the living environment of my wooden hut. Therefore, we would be accompanied by the Presence of Trees, that tends to naturally create energy supportive container for working with the multidimensional template. 🏕️

Timing is Wednesday from 18.00-20.00 and can be slightly adopted by the wish of participants. The first meeting takes place on the 14th of February, where you can get familiar with the nature of meetings and check the resonance with the group. After the initial gathering, circle continues for 10 consecutive meetings on a weekly basis, until the end of April. Each gathering starts and ends with a short guided meditation. It will serve as the energy transmission and/or to clear the space of any remaining denser energies that may arise during the connection. 🧘‍♀️

Topics of explorations will be chosen from the energy field itself, inspired by the group of participants. Everyone will be invited to share an aspect of their own journey or simply just sit and be present with the inquiry of the group. 👥💬🌎

I'll ask participants for the contribution of 10 EUR per meeting (90 EUR total), which is normally the cost of 1-2 healing sessions with me. If this value is too high for your current circumstances, please let me know, and you'll be invited to join on your own terms. Also, if you would feel to contribute higher value in terms of harmonizing energy exchange, feel free to do so. First meeting is free of charge, and you can simply join to check the resonance with your own Path and decide whether you want to join the gathering. 💸

There are no prerequisites to join the circle and everyone will be met in their own process of spiritual awakening. As the group is established, you will be asked to commit to the circle, even though you can also skip some of the weekly gatherings, if it might not fit your schedule. 📅

The moment of inspiration that can shift the trajectory of human lives, brings me this priceless feeling of aliveness. In connecting with the energies of our Cosmic Selves, I see the golden opportunity to bring some deeper meaning to the experience of your own life. If this invitation has sparked a sensation within You, give yourself this moment of inquiry. Might you be truly inspired to befriend your Cosmic Self, I trust that weekly gatherings can support you in the endeavor. 👼🏼🌺

If you want to join the introductory circle on 14.02., or ask for more information, please send me a message. You can reach me via mail.:

or get to know more about my work and connect through a webpage:

In loving support of the Awakening journey,

Miha 🌳

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miha tree
miha tree
19 de fev.

Next meeting Thursday 22.02. at 18.00.

Last call to join weekly gatherings.

After introductory circle, the next gathering of weekly group will be on Thursday 22.02. at 18.00.

It's the last opportunity to join our meetings, as group closes after following meeting. There are still 2 open spots, if someone else feels call to join us.

The inquiry of the group has proven to be highly expansive, with strong element of connection to creative flow. If you are still considering - it's the actual opportunity to connect with your Soul's Path. Come and join us on the adventure.


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