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Galactic Core - insights and guidance of connecting with the center of our existence

What is at the center of our galaxy, and how does one get there?

In the following article, I wish to share insights about the Galactic core and how does it relate to the experience of our human lives. (Re)Connecting with the galactic center on the level of your being holds an invaluable part in amplifying the reservoir of source energies in one's human life. It's the prerequisite to step into your life as a divine human being.

I believe that it's been the consideration of mystics through all ages, as well as the pinnacle of modern science, considering the latest development in quantum physics. How does Life emerge out of pure potential, and what is the Truth beyond matter?

In addition to the image quote and its linear perspective, I hasten to add the following:

Neither of us is the center of the Universe, yet we all hold the capacity of connecting to it within ourselves. And even more, it's to a degree that we are able to embody those energies, that we develop the capacity of our own creative potential.

In other words, how can one access the key to the creative process and become an active participant in this reality, that we all share together? 🧑‍🎨

Journey to the Stars ... and back to the Earth

As the preface to this story, I wish to share more about the early insights on my spiritual journey. When I came across some of the teachings and ideas of Drunvalo Melchizidek, they triggered huge activation within my Soul. One of the practices that stayed with me on the Path has been that of Unity Breath. It is a simple meditation that invokes the feeling of holy trinity within ourselves. It comes across by connecting with nature (soul of Gaia), sun&stars (Solar logos) and our human heart (portal to One's soul). That's supposed to bring alive the feeling of divine children within our human being.

Once recognizing myself as a divine child, it catalyzed the journey of deepening the connection with nature as divine motherly figure and stars/cosmos as a divine fatherly figure of my human existence. Using the analogy of the tree - one does not grow without another - and each discovery of the cosmic origins within the multidimensional template had to be anchored firmly in the roots of this planetary body.

11:11 as the Wake up call and Xibalba

Through the consequent discoveries on my Path, I came across the poignant explanation of 11:11 synchronicity. It tends to signify the alignment of four elements, including the galactic center, to the elements of holy trinity.

But, how does one get there - is there actually some way through the black hole? 🤔

Using the analogy from Mayan mythology, the gateway to the Galactic core is characterized as Xibalba. Essentially, it's the passage through the underworld that each spiritual aspirant on the Path, experiences as the dark night of the Soul. I could definitely relate to the feeling of walking through the shadow, as I've been finding my way through the (hidden) places of my inner compulsion. But getting lost on that quest and accepting the state of ultimate surrender to the life force itself, signified that I was on my way to the galactic core.

Lessons from the (inner) journey through the Galactic Core

I remember meditating at a high energy spot in a particular megalithic location in my vicinity a while ago, when suddenly recognizing that I was being guided towards the galactic core. It appeared to be merely a spontaneous regression into the depth of time/space continuum, reawakening the true nature of One's home. It was one of the earliest and very clear insights about the energy/work, that I started to bring forth through Cosmic Embrace. There was also the recognition of my journey&mission into this realm of existence.

At this stage, I am able to characterize Galactic core with the analogy of the "Cosmic washing machine." Even though science describes black hole with the irresistible pull of gravitational force, I would add that there is an inquisite harmony about this process. It's specifically designed to "absorb and swallow" outdated and defunct aspects of creation. On the energetic level - it is where the transformation and re-structuring of the energy take place.

Recently, I was able to undertake this similar journey together with the group of souls that are taking part in our weekly gathering with the idea of befriending our cosmic selves. For all of those who might be curious about what awaits on the other side of the galactic core, I wish to share some insights.

Some of the main considerations about the process of aligning with the Galactic Core:

  • The journey to the galactic core is one of metaphorically lowering your vibration, as you come very close to 0 point energy field. However, there is a point where you reach the point of singularity and all densities merge into One - therefore, it entails the part of consequently tapping into a very expanded state of consciousness.

  • It might actually help to get ready by opening up and stepping into an elevated state of consciousness beforehand. The most important thing is to keep an aspect of your awareness connected to the body - as this is your literal source of realignment with the center of our galaxy.

  • You need to get ready to surrender. Or even more accurately - Surrender. Traveling through the galactic core is going to trigger and strip away all of the identities that might be standing on the big wave. Imagine walking on the cliff edge and suddenly noticing that you can not escape the gravitational pull - you are being pulled into "cosmic washing machine."

  • When truly aligning with the movement and recognizing that there is no-thing to cling on to anymore, you are eventually going to reach the shore... That's the gateway into the galactic center, as the gatekeepers inevitably recognize your luminescent nature.

  • The closest feeling that comes to me can be described as Remembrance. It may also be recognized as similar to the feeling of being reborn as an aspect of Source energies. In this place, even the concept of the Soul doesn't feel tangible, there is just an individuated aspect of awareness that can serve as your reference point.

  • "Emerging out" through the galactic center, you might notice all sorts of doorways, leading to the individuated experience of you as the flowing field of consciousness. It's actually "the other side" of the Great Central Sun, which can be seen as the beginning/end of creation.

  • At this stage of the existence you're definitely one with everything else. You'll be naturally pulled to discover/examine more about the nature of your current existence. It's like fine tuning with your mission in particular reality construct and aligning with the greater aspects of yourself.

  • As you're roaming about this (hyper)space, you will need to reconnect the awareness back with your human body, at some point. The gradual transition towards the Earth plane can serve as the acclimatizing more of your own Source energies into your current life circumstances.

  • Once having the experience of journeying through the galactic core, it is a great invitation to consider embodying more of these energies here. Being reborn as the Soul - how/what do you remember yourself as?

Holy grail within the Human Consciousness

The human body is a fascinating apparatus, and human consciousness can be seen as the holy grail regarding the energies surrounding the Earth-plane. Through it's interrelation with the totality of the Universe, One is truly able to access the places that reach deep into the fabrics of our reality. That's why the capacity to activate divine potential within human Souls is becoming a necessity and the only possibility to transcend the inevitable changes that are happening in our reality.

The process of stepping into the "Cosmic washing machine" has been feared and resisted by various entities surrounding the Earth plane. As they became lost in their passage through the underworld, humanity was the only viable possibility of replicating their interrelation with the Source. For a long time, they were able to hijack human fields and cling to them through various means of manipulation. Humanity has reached the stage where those energies need to be pushed further down the line of controlled demolition in order to re-establish a harmonious existence for all Life on this planet.

Bigger picture - the reactivation of Earth's Core through alignment with the Galactic center

Once again, I wish to scale through the micro&macro cosmic perspective of the process that has been outlined through my own experience. The reactivation of the galactic core within a human being - outlines the process that is happening on the scale of every individual Soul. And so, it is also becoming active within the planetary body of Gaia as well. Even more, it appeared to me that the old constructs on the surface of our planet are going to enter the process of controlled demolition - as the activation of the energies within the Earth's core is going to travel to the surface. The time of "clinging on" to the old ways of doing and being on Earth is definitely nearing an end.

Destruction carries the seed of creation, when it contains the seed of the new future. And this is exactly what the Galactic Core stands for as the energy center in the greater scheme of our reality.

Divine potential of human in Us

There's probably been many Souls that have touched the point of dissolving their identity by journeying through the "inner black hole." In that regard, my human journey is just another drop that has merged with the Ocean. On my spiritual journey, the reactivation of the Galactic Core comes with deeper significance. It reflects the graduation of the divine child, becoming the Cosmic citizen in this world. That is the potential, that lies dormant within every single incarnated Soul, and it continues to be my aspiration to assist others in the awakening of that potential.

This is the actual divine birth right that has been encoded in Your Soul. Are you willing to seize the opportunity and welcome the totality of your existence? 🧙

Stepping into the Centre of your existence

And the most important thing you have to take on board, whilst inquiring about the prominent questions of one's own existence. Neither the modern scientific discoveries, nor the insights of highly evolved mystics are going to truly center you in the righteous place within your existence. As much as they might be of assistance at certain stages of your journey, you'll eventually have to strip away all of those influences as the Source energies becomes fully activated within you. The alignment with the Galactic Core can be of huge assistance on that journey.

If you have any questions about the process, I would be happy to offer some illumination. The energies of Cosmic Embrace, that are part of my work, assist awakening Souls in remembering more about their own journey and reasons of coming here. It is also possible to inquire about guided mediation through the services that I offer:

Travel well, dear Soul, 🙏🏽

let the Galactic Core assist in the Pathway to your Center 🌌

Miha 🌳

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I enjoyed reading this Miha. It contains many gems of inspiration. I hope you would start an online gathering sometime in the future. I know I would definitely be attending 💚🙏

miha tree
miha tree
Mar 04
Replying to

I am happy to hear about the resonance with those gems… The idea of online gatherings has been in the background for some time, thanks for calling it out. It could be happening in few months time, I can already feel this as the great way of connecting as well👨‍🚀👨🏽‍💻

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