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Starseed movement

Phenomenal movement that has been happening in the energy field around Earth is starting to more readily take place in our shared reality. What is the starseed movement all about?

There is a vast number of incarnated Souls that carry the template of New Paradigm/ Heaven on Earth within themselves. Together the field of ascending Consciousness is formed, some sort of pull back mechanism towards the Source. The uplifting journey towards higher-dimensions is paving the way towards the liberation of humanity within this plane of existence.

So far, the journey has been mostly hidden in backstage, cast away from the public eyes of society. The collective of starseeds has been gradually building momentum, as people have been awakening and working towards restoration of the divine template. There are people that were aware of their Soul mission on the level of human experience, as well as many that were going through their lives without he awareness of the collective movement. Nevertheless the seed has been planted, startseed movement has become vividly present and is growing in its coherency.

Throughout the journey of spiritual awakening my awareness has been constantly expanding in order to integrate the bigger picture about what’s truly happening on this planet and particular segment of the Universe that we are living in. The movement of planetary ascension comes with the sense of joyful anticipation within many Souls that have been patiently working behind the scenes for years. This work has been on-going for decades, first bigger wave of awakening StarSouls has joined the population of this planet already in the midst of last century.

I considered myself privileged to be closely engaged with the idea of starseed movement for last 8+ years on my journey. With the sense of spiritual hunger, my Soul has been guiding me to (inner) places I’ve never dared to imagine. The sense of starseed awakening has became very tangible in the last years, when I started to closely connect with various cosmic frequencies and keep implementing them through my human expression.

People from the stars

There’s been a narrative, different tales passed down through generations of the ancient traditions and people from first being nations. They were telling about their ancestors, star people that descended from Sky and started building communities here. For millennials they have been told about times, when star people are going to come back, once again. This are the times we are living in and we are those people coming from the Stars. In connecting with different people, I’ve came to meet more of the Soul template that they carry and assist in recognizing the memories that are carried within their beingness.

In my own experience, living in the epoch that is nowadays considered as Lemuria felt very close to the feeling of Heaven on Earth. This experience can serve Us as the energetic memory, that can usher the blueprint into the New Earth. We are the ones, that we have been waiting for.

What type of being do you see in the clouds above?

(Un)holy Intervention

In course of its evolutionary journey humanity has suffered their own Fall from Grace. The stories of original sin, that have been engrained in modern religious carry the remanence of those events. The story and the details that can explain how and why humanity has been interfered in their existence might be to complex for this text. Different energies from the Cosmos, as well as the Earth has played upon the fact of their own “mistakes” and growing pains in re-creating some of the original wounds of their own journey. It’s been a shared learning process that has drawn many of the human Souls, particular cosmic frequencies and the Soul of Gaia in this planetary setting.

Let’s consider the influence of this particular form that humanity currently resides in, Homo-sapiens. It has been thoroughly shaped and created by the group known as Annunaki, that have played upon their wound of abandonment and the feeling of being left by the Universe/God. Through their own sense of betrayal they wanted to control reality to the extent of creating a life form that would surpass the chance of obliteration – which has happened on their own Home-planet millions of years ago. Even though one might consider their attempts of perfecting this physical vessel as the mean of support, it actually created a huge push back in terms of human Consciousness and derailed it from the organic Pathway.

In terms of collective human story it has been probably one of the biggest influences that resulted in the operating system of all modern societies that are becoming prevalent in this DNAge. In sharing this example, I wanted to emphasize about the fact of different Influences that has manifested the circumstances that we are currently living in.

If you are interested to discover more about the Intervention story, I am sharing the link about deep healing process within the Annunaki group. It has taken place within the gathering, that I recently took place and brings forth the invitation to heal these parts within ourselves.

Starseed (r)Evolution and return of the Original People

Among different cosmic frequencies that has taken part in the story of our shared humanity, there’s been also very benevolent yearning to assist in our process of becoming. Once the glitch, sort of mistake happens in the Flow of Life, the response always comes in terms of harmonizing the initial misdirection. In this regards different star-beings have been attracted to this planet to balance out the distortion that has spawned across the Earth-plane. The initial attempts of starseed movement might have failed towards the end of Lemurian epoch and many star-souls carry the trauma of these events up to present days. However, many of Us that have been born again in these times, came here to restore the original blueprint that has been seeded within humanity.

In my own experience, the (re)birth of Cosmic Embrace represents the reconnection with many of this cosmic frequencies that are carried within awakening Star Souls. My own calling is in reflecting the multitude of Star-being nations and their presence to the human Souls. This keeps opening the doorways of reconnection for people, that are carrying those frequencies. The main idea of Starseed movement to me represents the reclamation of our true nature as divine beings and restoring the sovereignty within the collective of humanity. It actually asks people to take one’s own power back through their hearts and become part of the greater interconnected organism.

Reflection of "Metatron Light" - Doorway connecting Heaven & Earth

Awakening Starseed in You

Meeting other people on their journey of Starseed awakening and in my own experience – it takes many years of diligent inner work to open up towards the multidimensionality of human experience.

There is vast array of people that have been engaged with ushering the process of planetary transformation, all sorts of energy workers, healers, whisperers of Nature, awakening guides, emanators of Consciousness,…. Each one of Us carry unique gifts and talents, that can include interacting directly with the energy field itself like speaking light-languages, processing dense energies, opening portals&gateways,… or you might be invited more towards bringing and sharing those frequencies with people, as parent, teacher, community leader, awakening guide...

What might be your set of skills and talents that you came in this lifetime with?

Are you ready to become one of Us and co-create the evolutionary blueprint for New Humanity?

If you might wish for some assistance on your journey of awakening starseed qualities, I invite you to check more about the energy session that are offered within the frame work of Cosmic Embrace.

Here is the link to my individual sessions:

I’m looking forward to alchemize this Path together with You.🙏

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04 de set. de 2023

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your perspective on the Starseed movement and the unfolding and deepening of consciousness, particularly here and now on Gaia. Your continuous deepening embodiment and expression of these frequencies keeps inspiring me tremendousely and no doubt also the souls that have the privilege to come across your expressions in any form. The energy contained within the virtual space here has the feeling of Oasis to me, amongst all the information that is 'out there'. A place to rest and come into ones own energy and reality of what the unfolding and Starseed movement means.. what a gift 💫💙

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