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Evolutionary journey of humanity

We live at the precipice of change in times that many of the spiritual traditions have been pointing towards. The ancient prophecies have been speaking about people from the stars and times that tend to be our real ancestors and are going to return among humanity, once more.

As society we’ve created the living system that simply doesn’t work anymore. The way how people relate to each other and especially towards nature and other living beings is becoming obsolete. The aspect of sacredness has become ostracized in modern lives and the reverence for Creation often times seen as the insanity through the perceived normality of societal living.

Also nature doesn’t really seem to work anymore. Extreme weather conditions are becoming the new normal of our times and the reality we are transitioning into. More than 2/3 of natural ecosystems are damaged and most of the wildlife gone, as they became occupied in serving the expansive needs of human population.

And after all, the Soul of humanity itself continues to be bombarded with numerous alterations in the genetics of human species and manipulations within the realm of its own spirit. Just consider widespread of new diseases, societal measures and division that is happening within human population. Most of the people still continue to succumb the government measures and (completely) pass their own sovereignty in the hands of another.

But hey, in some way you already know all of this news, otherwise you wouldn’t be guided to this text. I believe that there is deep yearning within yourself in wanting to be part of the solution. How do we unravel from current situation on the Earth-plane and what might be the ultimate solution?

Inconvinient Truth of modern days

In order to become part of the solution, one would need to face the inevitable. The world that we are living in is ending. It is my thorough belief that we are nearing the completion of Homo-sapiens experiment. The planet that we are living upon has entered a phase of purification. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking about the end of You or this planet, it’s rather an open invitation towards Souls that are incarnated within the current human population. The rapidly shaping landscape of our lives is inviting Us to make quantum leaps in understanding of our own nature.

There is a sense of utmost possibility of becoming the vital part of co-creating new species. One, that is going to live in harmony and alignment with cosmic cycles of the Universe, wider Galactic family and natural environment of this planet. There is this anticipation of weaving together the experience that has been on-going for billions of years. This is actually tremendous opportunity, that doesn't come across often on the journey of One's Soul.

Early days of humanoid expression

Over the epoch of human existence various mystics have been offering their reflection about the nature ofour existence. There is a growing number of people all over the planet that are waking up to the Truth of their beings and discover more about the transition process that this planet has embarked upon.

In this lifetime, my role is to serve as one of those mystics. In sharing the perspectives regarding fundamental questions of human life, the idea is to inherently awaken the spark of curiosity within people to discover their own truth in it. I’ve came in this life with distinct awareness of higher-dimensional awareness that normally expands the worldview for most of the people and activates dormant aspects within their Souls.

There’s yearning that tends to engrained within most of the human Souls: “Who are we really and where are we going?”

In discovering the origins of human race, my attention has been drawn to the Prysm of Lyra, star constellation within our Galaxy. Even more than particular location it served as the remembrance of the blueprint that has been encoded within our species. Humanoid expression has had different iterations, being expressed through particular locations within this Universe, before eventually landing down to Earth. The process of seeding the human race has been carefully crafted process of infusing the early hominid form with particular higher-dimensional frequencies. That is the basic idea of starseed movement, that I’ve been talking about in my previous writing.

Development of human Life on the Earth

It will probably come as surprise to many, but most of the early inhabitants of this planet (so called Neanderthal) have been increasingly developed Starsouls incarnated in the human form. The sense of interconnectivity with Life around them has been embedded in their being, retaining also the sense of higher-dimensional connection. This early stages of our journey are carried within the archetypal stories of Lemuria, the memories that are carried within many of Us. Throughout its own evolution, the collective journey of our species has been developing in accordance with young individual Souls, that has emerged on this planet. It can be seen as even further downgrade in terms of Consciousness, that eventually served in enveloping the developing species towards our Cosmic Cradle, Galactic family of light.

The poignant reflections of this process came through the stories of Atlantis, another Epoch carrying strong Influence within the human Psyche. In some way human Consciousness became “target” for different energetic influences that started to shape our species according to their own needs. Somewhere along this line we have become Homo-sapiens, some sort of hybridized species incepted on the energetic blueprint of Original Humans. For some Souls, Atlantis has become a lost paradise on Earth that they once created, for others it was experienced more as brutal attack to the original idea of humanity.

The influence of Gaia

Since Gaia, has been on her own journey as well, natural disasters and changing weather patterns has drastically shaped the course of the man walking on Earth. Despite the literal Fall of Atlantis, human civilization has raised once again, continuing it’s journey even deeper astray from it’s own Source. Survivors of this last Shift, became native inhabitants through the eyes of our modern culture. Yet they have been progressively ruled our by our society all over the world. On that quest of savouring the world humanity has reached the stage of wanting to reach for the Sky. Yet the paradox of its own journey sparkled the seed of awakening within those, that came here in the first place.

The evolutionary track of humanity has reached a stage, where it is being invited to mature and become the “grown-up” species by acknowledge responsibility and possibility of its own journey.

The times that we are living in, clearly reflects the nature of the Shift that this planet has already entered. My role in this journey is to communicate the message coming from Gaia and ring the alarm bells for those that are willing to hear it. It is my thorough belief, that Gaia as Soul (and nature as this planet) has initiated a phase of interdimensional Shift. She has entered a period of purification, where it will be cleansed from the lower-dimensional influences. Living hood of modern society, that depends solely on the Matrix System can not sustain this process.

Starseed invitation - remembrance of our Gifts

Within this process the awakening Starsouls carry the potential to stabilize the energy field of the planet and usher humanity into new Epoch. In that regard I’m speaking about the new evolutionary Pathway, the quantum leap in Consciousness that human Souls are invited to make.

We are well pass the time, where sustainable solutions and “back to nature” lifestyle can bring actual meaningful changes in course of the human story. What is truly being invited is the multidimensional restoration of human template, that can happen through reconnection with our higher-dimensional aspects. By embodying the aspects of our own “Cosmic Consciousness” the energetic Pathway is created for rest of the human Souls that can follow their own evolutionary journey of Ascension. Since the beginning of this journey on the Earth-plane, that has been the initial role of Starseeds incarnating here in the human form.

The answer of who are we really and what might the future held in store for Us, can be truly answered just within every single individual. Remembrance and activation of One’s own multidimensional template is the possibility offered to human Souls. In my experience it can be truly implemented just through diligent inner work.

You can check more about different Star-being nations, that are currently present with Us in this process here:

Embrace the future in your own hands

I can not truly emphasize the importance of times we are living in and the role that each one of Us can play in this process. For some of the Souls it might be the actual Home-coming call, as gateways will open to their home-planets, when the interdimensional Shift happens in full swing. Many would probably wish to become part of the new evolving species, divine human beings that will once again become the inhabitants of this planet, as Crystalline Grid of the Earth comes fully in place. And for some it might be a time for some rest and recouperation in the ethereal plane, before incarnating in the resonant planet according to their individual journeys

The future is in our hands, might we be willing to truly embrace the enormity of changes that are happening on this planet. Within the framework of Cosmic Embrace, I am assisting awakening Souls in order to bring alive and integrate those frequencies within their own lives. If you wish to have some assistance on your journey, I would be happy to offer the possibility of personal connection or answer some of your questions.

Here are the ways to connect with me:

In sending best wishes on your own journey, let's see what the future has in store for all of Us. 🙏

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