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Sharing One's sense of
Home & Grace

Homecoming journey

This planet and humanity have found themelves on the journey of Ascension, where Souls are invited to Shift their Consciousness towards new state of being. As people start to remember more of their true essence, Life on this planet is starting to change in unprecendented ways. Welcome in your own homecoming story, in scrolling down you can meet some of your Travelling companions.

About Section

Radiant Soul

It is with great pleasure to have you hoist on board. Take a deep breath that allows you to sink in with Yourself. Enjoy the stay here, as you are invited to keep disocvering more about Oneself. How did we actually find ourselves here?

Radiant Soul

Star-Being Nations

Throughout these times of planetary transition we are accompanied  by different benevolent energies that are assisting Us in this Shift of Consciousness. Integrating the aspects of this interdimensional energies into our daily lives can bring tremendous benefits into our lives. It is always with humility in the heart, when connecting with the essence of those energies.
Feel the heartbeat of wider Cosmic family.



Beloved Mother Earth

Mesmerized by the beauty of Creation, I shimmer in awe of your wonders.

Filled with the compassion of tears, I witness the stumbling of man and his deeds upon your worlds.

Embracing the peaceful warrior in the heart, my presence radiates Silence towards those in denial.

In the reverence of our connection, I hear the invitation to join on this travels further towards the light.

We are coming with You!

These words are merely an Echo of echo of our interconnected beingness, another appeal to the beloved children of yours.


Let Gaia and all of her children travel awake, bestowed with this ripple towards Golden Lake.

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Forest Sanctuary 
& Miha Tree

The resonance is offered by attuning with wider energy field, through the assistance of Tree Consciousness.


Cosmic emissary and Your Guide in this space. In this, I'm serving as the vessel for higher-dimensional Consciousness. 

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