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Sharing my Gifts with the world

The Path of Cosmic Citizenship and stepping on the journey of cosmic emissary

Well, here I am, after all. It feels like I need to brace myself, settle in this state of magical unwinding. What is it about on that occasion, and how can it serve you?

In the following text, I would like to address how people might be able to benefit, when interacting with my presence. Considering the nature of my being, I am sharing the basic idea of the materials that are presented online, and practical ways to connect with me.

1. Discovering the framework of reality 

Some while ago, I've been writing about the process of "Soul initiation" which resembles the magnitude of multidimensional activation. For those that are new to the topic, previous article might be a good place to begin with:

Metaphorically speaking, imagine the process of installing the new operating system on your computer. It's meant to stir up some of those dormant frequencies, residing in your DNA. 

Activating the process of emerging Cosmic Consciousness is getting your human vehicle updated with the "latest trends" in the Universe. Taking into account, that those trends have been called forth by the essential energy of your own being.

Yes, I know it might seem too much for the human self to comprehend the magnitude of this process. What if all that you actually opt for, is the wish for peaceful, lighthearted experience of life? Maybe something simple, like planting trees, creating an art, expressing yourself in family dynamic or roaming around the landscapes of this planet. Simply choosing your own topics of explorations...

What's the point of engaging with all of those cosmic energies, if One is on the journey of Self discovery merely towards becoming a loving human being? 😘

2. Recognising the interplay of underlying dynamics

That is another part of "my job" here. Assisting people to make sense about the things that are happening in their lives, considering the bigger picture of Consciousness Shift. Within the realm of human Souls, I am keen on piercing through the Illusions that people have been used to believe, based on their karmic patterns & societal conditioning. 

Here you can discover more about the experiences of interconnectedness from our travelling adventures: 

For example, recently I've been discovering an ancient connection among metaphysical energies, that ought to represent the role of parents in the story of Gaia. Due to the interconnectedness with nature, the journey of Gaia affects us all. How is the wound within her ~ Mother Serpent expressed in the (repressed) feminine energies of present times? And how does the partial absence of her ~ father Elohim|Elohei plays into the challenge of distorted patriarchal energies within our society? Just when holding the greater dynamics within the archetypal "grandparents of Human Soul", I became able to restore the harmony within my inner feminine&masculine.

Once recognising greater dynamics that are encoded in our DNA, it's easier to understand why do people often times encounter challenging relationships. 

What might be your own excuse to keep playing small and resisting the movement and emergence of your authentic Self?𝌛

3. Activating the realigning process 

But it's definitely not about telling stories or getting lost about the details of different metaphysical beings out there. That's just what helps me in encompassing the magnitude of Souls, that I'm encountering on my journey. The greater awareness helps me to be able to sit with people's pain. In that way, the facilitation is conveyed through the energy healing sessions, that I offer. Establishing a multidimensional bridge, my being is there to assist You in tapping into the state of infinite possibilities. From the perspective of my being, I like to see the essence of my work as the extension/remembrance of my greater self. Therefore, it's always a great privilege for me personally, being able to connect in a deeper setting with people.

If you are inquiring about these topics, it means that there is something of you that is wanting to emerge. You can check out the possibility of your own breakthrough here:

Yes, the process of multidimensional restoration ranks very high on the priority of my expression in this realm. And it spawns from the individual Souls towards the inscription of divine blueprint within human species. Oh, just how much I like the idea of Cosmic Cradle, being rekindled on this planet. In that way the experiences of my human life, serve as the feedback loop to the higher-dimensional aspects, as I am constantly reflecting the nature of this environment across the dimensions.

Just imagine the beauty and prosperity of a regenerated landscape on this planet, inhabited with Souls that deeply care & respect all forms of life here and are guided by the inherent sense of stewardship encoded in their nature. 🍀🌈

4. Amplifying the connection through the field of Unity Consciousness

So, this often brings me in the space of engaging with the Grid work. Once in the state of interconnectedness with it all, I learned to recognise and utilise the capacity within the tiny fragment of the quantum field - that is my own human body. Once harmonised through various layers, it's such a miraculous vehicle to reside in. How do you feel about hearing intuitive light language, taking part in sound activations, transmitting the consciousness from Crystalline grid by dancing or simply attuning your body with the Earth?

There might be a part within you, that starts to grasp the interconnection of your being with it all. On some level, You are just looking for an opportunity and space to bring it into your life and discover how does it all shape the experiences of your life.

If the calling of your own Soul aligns with Gaia, we might as well meet in some of the "Field work operations":

It definitely brings me many moments of joy and curious explorations on my journey. And on some level, it all needs to be applicable in that reality we all share together. That's why I am sharing a snapshot of my presence with You here. For I can be able to travel the galaxies in my astral body, communicating deeply with the Soul of Gaia and interact daily with her landscapes. At the same time also showing up in the spiritual retreats as to keep "downloading & anchoring" cosmic frequencies whilst continuously processing the stagnant energies within the 4th dimensional field. My personality generate seemingly unlimited amount of materials based on higher-dimensional awareness and reflect the spikes of inspiration within the operating system of human Souls.

But it all brings me to the the same inquiry over again - how can I truly connect with people in all of my authenticity? 💁🏼‍♂️

5. Integrating unique aspects of Self within the given environment

It ought to be one of my biggest Soul gifts to convey the sense of lighthearted expression to people and remind them about the seed of divinity, that is carried within themselves. In this greater human saga, I've been incarnated in "other lifetimes", serving also as the messenger of the Divine. Even at the point of being sentenced to death for my activities, I've been able to stand straight in my expression, believing that humans would get me, at some point.

It makes me sad to realise the level of disconnect, that is there as the foundation stone of current society. At the same time, the awakening movement has been greatly infiltrated by spiritual (mis)concepts brought forth as the false interpretation of the ideas of New Age, making it very difficult for me to form an authentic bridge. Nevertheless, I have to own my part in it and recognise, that I haven't been straight forward about my being so far. 

I've never been a believer on a Soul level, therefore it became a mystery to me how people have been able to trade their sovereignty for the feeling of safety and false promises, provided to them by "fallen Gods". So I had to learn my lesson again. This current incarnation obviously plays out, at the times of basically complete "Matrix" take over. What a better way to craft the conditions of its inevitable demise and reflect the futility of diminishing the human spirit, once and for all. But are there any other human Souls joining the movement into the New Paradigm of Life here? 🙋🏽‍♂️

6. Becoming part of the greater organism and connecting through resonant reflections

That's why my writing comes with the calling for your assistance. It's the invitation for those that are ready and able to hear the call. In sharing my unique Gifts with the world, I am here to assist in the awakening of yours. Have you already discovered some of your own Soul gifts? Within the framework of Cosmic Embrace, I've encapsulated the materials that transcend those human stories, yet incorporate the lessons have been learned through them.

If there is some calling within You, I trust that this can help you activate them:

You see, the Path towards the Cosmic citizenship doesn't end somewhere in the Heaven out there, as most of the religious traditions would like you to believe. It's merely the beginning of preparing your (human) vehicle for the landing of your Cosmic Self within this reality. The journey of planetary ascension is not for the faint of the heart. Once, you are called on the adventure of befriending your cosmic Self, you sign up for a deep multidimensional ride.

And just to bring some wider perspective to it all - how often does one get a chance of being an intricate part of the Species joining galactic brother/sisterhood of light? 🦋

7. Invitation and honouring of your own journey

Well, I want to acknowledge your journey, dear Soul. If you've come to the end of this writing it probably symbolises some deeper connection to my presence. In that way, you might be able to understand one of the reasons, that I was sent here for. Let me speak of it as the Home calling beacon. After stripping away numerous layers of human conditioning, I am stepping out with the bold statement. My being alone reflects the impetus of emerging Cosmic Consciousness, here, within this framework of reality.

In that case, I have to remember the agreement that our Souls opted for, some aeons ago. That's when I have to recognise, that in order to be able to accommodate your being on the dance floor it's time for me to blow the horn. It's the beginning of an End, my friends. We have to step out of those human stories, as the Earth is getting ready to host us in the next densities of reality. It almost feels like the drop in the ocean is speaking to other drops about the necessity of merging together in order to form the movement, that would eventually cause the wave in the ocean. Thanks for your company on this journey, I trust it is just the beginning of some greater adventure for us all. 🌊

So, let me ask you another question, at the end of my writing epiphany, conveying the sense of my presence through multidimensional explorations.

How does the idea of Cosmic Embrace and nature of my expression speak to you?

And even more - how can my being bring some further inspiration on your individual journey here? I would invite You in sharing the authentic comments about my work and spread the idea, if you feel it can be of assistance to others on their Path. ✍️

With loving greetings and the sense of cosmic wink 🌠😉


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Apr 24

Your Being is a gift to the world. Thank you for sharing it, and your immense capacity and drive to keep refining the specific expressions in order for ones around you (human or otherwise 😉) to be inspired and catalised 🐛🦋🤎

miha tree
miha tree
Apr 25
Replying to

It's beautiful to hear this reflection, I'm taking it to the heart. 💚

Thanks Hannah, it's an honour being able to catalysing your expression. I am eagerly anticipating, when the world is going to see more of your Gifts, as well. 😇

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