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The mysticism in the word of Fihavanana

After few weeks of travelling and close contact with local people, I feel it’s time to reflect upon particular word. What does Fihavanana actually mean and how does it relate into our adventure of human beingness?

A Malagasy word encompassing the Malagasy concept of kinship, friendship, goodwill between beings, both physical and spiritual. Its origin is havana, meaning kin. It could be understood in a general manner as solidarity or togetherness.

If I am to give a simple meaning, it would sound something like: “We are all in this together”. The concept definitely entails deeper connectivity among human beings, remembering our essential Oneness. But it comes with a high risk of loosing Oneself in this space of colectivized construct. As long as there is some fear of sitting in the aloneness of one’s own human experience, the idea of fihavanana might come with the cost of loosing one’s sovereignity.

With other words it might be seen also the main motivation for people that are willing to help each other, simply because of the fear. What if it happens to me?

The concept of One spirit has became highly distorted in spiritual circles, simply because most of the Souls have (temporarily) lost connection to their own kin. Whilst the process of awakening connects people to the sense of expanded awareness of some greater force, it becomes of immaculate importance to recognize the feeling of “fihavanana” within oneself. That’s what our journey of late has been about, as much as it can be described by words.

We’ve been travelling at some places&times, that often times makes us only “tourists” at given places. It seems to me that the appearance of white people in the area often times switches on some sort of program.  Some children or people lesen on beginning would simply come with an open hand implying the wish for money. The activity itself often times feels so disempowering on a Soul level, that I had to question my human virtues.

I sometimes bought some chocolate, fruits or little snacks to share with kids and engage on the level that feels fitting at given moment. However the actual empowerment, tends to be reflected very early on the trip as Hannah was able to bridge into the eyes of young child with specific words: “You don’t have to be doing this”.

I’ve witnessed tremendous liberation that happened within that young being - when someone was able to meet them respectfully, but with strong boundary. They could simply drop out that role of “poor little children”, that they need to grow into, so early on their journey.

Another poignant transformation happened, when I bought the crystall at our journey from the lake. Immediately I was surronded by many children - each of them offering me their package of stones that is supposed to “Pay for their studies”. My attention was drawn to beautiful piece of labradorite and I felt to take it out of their basket. When I was holding it, I told the girl that it wants to go with her and ask her to take it “out of sale”. Yes, I could palpably feel the softening in her appearance, suddenly she recognized that there is something sacred in her belongings and in that moment, there was no amount of money could bring it to her.

We’ve also had some interactions with people, that are working in tourism related activites. Our guide on the hike through rainforest and park of Ranomafana appeared to be very knowledagble about plants&animals in the area. In connection with his kindness - he was very well equiped with delivering “the best of the experience” to an average tourist in the park. Nevertheless, when in his company, I had hard time of acessing feelings and my usual way of connection to nature. At the end of the hike, I’ve noticed heart-shaped stone on the ground. He would start to inquire - why do I carry this stone in my hand. In that moment, I could offer it to him as the gift from the nature - for all of his work in that area. I can tell you that this was definitely not the tip, he would usually recieve from tourists, but it definitely softened something in his heart.

Beside those direct encounters with people, that I felt to share, there are countless others, that are happening in silence. Imagine driving 20 hours with the local transport, when you literally start to feel “fibres” of those sitting next to you. The feeling of fihavanana, togetherness with those sharing the same vehicle on the journey, becomes very tangible. It reminds me about the greater journey that our Souls have chosen to experience on this planet called Earth. Many times I would have this feeling of “foreigner in the African country”. My appearance might be different in relation to the people around me, nevertheless I am here with the wish to reflect the sense of home&belonging to those that are searching.

When I am present enough with all of the sensations, it occasionally delivers some very transcendental experiences. So it happened, that I was able to “tune into” the landscape within sunset, on our trip towards Morondova. From observing myself, watching the sunset in that moving vehicle, I suddenly felt like I am that light in the sky - that is reflected to my eyes, whilst sitting in that van. At that point I reocognized the nature of this Game from higher-dimensional vantage point.

The trap has been set for the collectivised Consciousness of Humanity, that is withheld within the being/entity of Ra. I’ve been sensing different “attacks” from that energy, as I was strongly emerging out of my personal “human limitations”. When I was able to surrender to my fragility to the point of feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of travels, it brought me the sense of Home. The reflection, that I could telepathically offer to Ra is that no amount of safety&comfort that is offered in the state of disempowerment - would be able to eventually keep being to emerge towards into their freedom.

That tends to be the main meaning of Fihavanana for us on this travels. We came here to embrace those vulnerable parts within ourselves, that have the natural tendency of feeling victimised. In the environment, where poverty consciousness becomes the mean of people’s livelihood - we were invited to transcend the limitations by facing them alone. In that way empowerment of other beings, can become a mean of choice on a Soul level. In my perspective, the actual Shift within local society, becomes possible, just when one is able to reflect empowered way of being - when everyone is actually held within the fear of their own limitations.

Hence our journey offers constant invitation to find an equilibrium in our expression as humans. How can we bring forth over sovereign expression and at the same time honour those human virtues of heart centred presence and kindness to other beings?

That’s something to be discovered on the last stage of our journey. After 2 days of travelling from rainforest area, we eventually reached the west coast in the Morondova. Just getting ready for the adventure, that will take us deeper in the mystery of this land. I’ll speak more about  the origin of that place, after we are going to experience its true nature.

Sending much love to all🧡

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