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Travelling Home - Journey to the abode of One

Madagascar part VI.

Mora, mora & new beginnings

“Mora, mora” is the expression you would probably hear most often, when travelling Madagascar. It comes across each time, when locals would feel the need to calm down tourists on their journey. It’s often used also among themselves, simply as friendly greeting. Phrase can be translated as “slowly, slowly” and it reflects the nature of our home-coming travels.

Within the intensity of our adventure, we were happy of being able to make gradual transition back into the Woods. It might happen, as we allowed ourselves some of that "western comfort"- like Premium van, world cola& bag of fries.

Within this last part of our journey, things started to eventually settle down, which accelerated the integration process. In my last writting, I wish to offer the reflection of our journey, convey some (energetic) insights and share few more snapshots from our Path towards home.

I wish to begin with the image of Indiana Jones, painting on the wall, at our last accomodation. The archetype that captures our sense of adventure through foreign land.

What is the adventure about? We’ve been travelling back to the roots, as reflected in the name of our last flight provider. Hop!, translated to me as “Hopi” and resembled the nature of the connection with Elders from the area. We’ve encountered “Tanala - forest people” in the rainforest of Ranomafana and “Vazimba - cave people” around the Tsingy area. Initial prophecy of Hopi people has been reflected to those groups, as we have been able to re-claim ourselves as “people from the stars”.

In terms of One’s personal journey it’s been about re-kindling the connection to various starseed characteristics. In terms of my expression through Cosmic Embrace, it felt like inception of some sort. There’s been nearly constant invitation of establishing multidimensional bridge. Whether anchoring the infusions of higher-dimensional light at secluded places in nature, or equalising with the density of given environment and holding space for catalytic unravelling. It truly felt like some sort of preparation about the intensity of energy work that awaits me back home.

So, there’s been that scent of Remembrance in the air. For example, we decided to have an over-night stay in the town of Antsirabe on our last day. Rather than travelling directly to the capital, it felt way more relaxed to stop there. On that occassion, we figured out that our accomodation is set directly next to Gem-stone market. The guidance couldn’t be more palpable, I was invited to tune deeper in my connection with Crystalls. It’s been probably dormant in me since long times, as I’ve never considered myself to be interested in forming that connection. Nevertheless it only takes a dim of light to spark up the candle that has been resting for eons. Forming interdimensional bridge through the use of Crytalls, transmitting higher-D frequencies through sound,… “We’ve done it before”, so did Lemurians spoke to me. Throughout our journey, I’ve been invited to find coherent expression of my Soul gifts and blend them accordingly through the human expression.

Let’s just stay with the bag of Crytalls, that I’ve obtained on that market, inspired by the pull of the Soul. Just to realize, some hours afterwards, that they have caused another “incident” in my baggage story. My backpack didn’t pass the security check at the airport and I was called to report on my stuff by policeman on duty. The role of “dumb tourist” assisted me on that occassion and I was able to soften the authority figure with innocence. Anyhow, it’s been another occassion of learning how to blend higher-dimensional flow, so that it can be whilstand by human beings.

And than there’s been that deeper remembrance, of that feeling called Home.    It manifested so strongly, just before we reached down from the Sky on our last flight. Flying just above the clouds, sensing the touch of Sun through the window, and seeing some of the mountain peeks…Our landing process reminded me about the sense of “descension”, reflecting my own journey, here to this Earth. When our plane “entered the layer of clouds” and the visibility was lost, I was reminded of the “in-between spaces”. It spoke to me about the times in my life, when I was feeling lost in my body and absent to the direction of my own journey. We had to eventually land on the ground - that I was able to restore my compass on the Path.

“Mora, mora, my friend”, I heard the familiar voice, once again. This time it’s been coming from within, it felt as the Echo from that feeling sense of Home. Within the landscape of this 3D reality we still had to make our way from the airport. The accident on the high-way that closed the road for awhile, pro-longed waiting for the train ride, that would take us from the capital back to the woods, seemed like another drop within the ocean of this travels.

Before we were to actually reach forest house, Hannah gently whispered to me. “We haven’t even reach Home and I already miss the sense of shared travelling.”

“Don’t worry, we have just begun our ride to higher-dimensions”, would have been my sincere answer. As the adventure in Madagascar is brought to an end, it seems that the journey to the abode of One, has nearly begin.

Mora, mora, my friends. Let Us seize this opportunity and cherish every step on this journey. Who is up for some multidimensional ride?


Here you can find more about our journey, check out following connections

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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2023

Thank you so much for the beautiful writing, enhanced with image, and conveying the energy of this journey over the past weeks. Int(d)ense, playful, transcendental, full-on.. some words that come when feeling into the experiences. The growth that has happened and is possible when one fully immerses and stays present with the full spectrum of the experience - really any given experience - is mind blowing. It's a joy to witness the unfolding happening through you and the home coming of Cosmic Embrace. The sense of increased teamwork and activation of gifts will no doubt serve times to come and many souls tuning in 🌌🌸🌊

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