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Tsingy, tsingy - walking softly on this Earth 🚶‍♀️ 🌍

“It feels like reaching home, but something is off here. There is this strong cultural/societal difference, that separates us from the rest of the community. And even the environment has changed drastically, the area is dry and covered with dust, definitely we wouldn’t have expected to find it like this.”

That’s been our first impression as we walked through the village of Bekopaka. We passed the main (and only) street to find ourselves under poignant tree, which felt like a gatekeeper in the area. Kids were approaching us in growing number, we simply stood out through our appearance and those young Souls simply couldn’t hide their curiosity. From their side it’s been the on-going inquiry: “do you have some candies, what is your name,…” and similar phrases to call out for some of the foreigner’s attention.

In the meantime, I had to equalise with the journey that brought us there and reflect the nature of our visit, to the “Elders” of the area. No, we haven’t met some of the tribal leaders that could be addressed in that manner - it was telepathic connection with the ancestral spirit, that was so present around that tree.

Just to get some sense of the region I wish to convey our Path there. We had to rent 4x4 vehicle with driver to get us there from Morondava, the caital of the east cost. Even with that car, we had to cross two rivers in simple self-made ferries that served as the bridge. In starting our journey we were told, that this is going to be the “last expedition”, before the rain season starts. This part gets caught off the mainland, for some months, as it becomes simply unreachable by transport.

After sleeping over in the village of Bekopaka, we headed out to the Tsingy de Bemahara, early on in the next morning. It was told to be the last tourist visit of the season in the national park. In the Malagasy language, “tsingy, tsingy”, means walking on the tiptoes. The rocks of eroded limestone form the landscape, that needs to be literally walked upon with soft footprint.

So what is the connection between the Elders, tsingy and our visit of that region. What seems to be reflected just as we were heading in the forest, turned out to be that cute little lizard. To me it spoke of reptilian Consciousness - that was strongly present on the Earth plane, since the time of dinosaurs. As he was posing on that rock and looking up into the Sky, I’ve got the strong sense that this Consciousness is ready to ascend.

As we entered into the forest, it didn’t take long that we encounter the Lemur. And he approached us in unique way. Running down the tree, it was first time on our journey, that we saw particular species walking on the ground. “Lemur(ian)s have stepped down from the tree and anchored themselves on the ground again.” That feeling has strongly strongly resonated to me.

After those two encounters we were ready to climb up towards the top of the Tsingy. It was the sense of journeying through inter-dimensional landscape, where I could be met by the Elders, once again. They knew all along, about their own “mission” of walking on the Earth plane with soft blueprint, balancing out the over-consumptive “reptile Consciousness”. They carried the sense of regret, for what has taken place in the meantime, as humanity seems to have slipped down the alley of destroying most of the natural environment, once again.

Nevertheless, we were able to reflect the sense of acknowledgment about the guardianship, that has been hold by those Elders. We reached the top of the Tsingy, where the bridge into the middle realm could be easily formed once again. Yes, we were able to reflect the sense of accomplishment all the way back to the Lemurian Consciousness within ourselves. The sound of aligned frequencies has been resonating through our energy points - as we were singing simple sounds through our chakras. That’s one of the ways to anchor higher-dimensional energy into the Earth-plane. And just how Home-coming it all felt like. Even in this dense body of “Homo-sapiens configuration”, I could palpably feel much more fluid body infused with frequencies of light.

It feels like, I am becoming able to more readily attune with the Consciousness of the New Paradigm. And it’s going to be like walking on tiptoes with the awareness of the world that lies underneath it all. The communion with all sentient life on the planet is actually possible, when we truly integrate the journey of our Souls, since the beginning of this earthly Odysee.

In last years, I’ve experienced numerous iterations of ascension journey - bearing some similarity in reaching the top of the Tsingy area. When One stands on top of the rock structure that has been crafted over eons, seeing even the remanence of tectonic movements within the solid plates, it can easily amplify the energetic memory. I had to eventually came to the complete acceptance of the pain, that has been carried within my cosmic heart. As the Elders in the Tsingy, carried the responsibility about the current state of affairs in the area, so did my Lemurian heart hold on to the sense of grief about the paradise that have been lost, eons ago.

Awakening into the energetic memory of this ancient land, I was invited to shift my perspective into the Future. It felt like, I had to get deeply lost in my human story, in order to reflect the Pathway forwards - to those that are embarking on the evolutionary journey of Ascencion, for the first time in their existence. Reaching the Tsingy after three weeks in Madagascar reflected to me most of the challenges, that every human Soul might be facing in times of this planetary gateway.

Hats off to everyone that is dedicated in walking this Path, my wish is to keep reflecting the bridge for the emerging Consciousness.

The energetic blueprint of our journey continued in the small Tsingy, that seems to be more accessible to the public. It is located just next to the river and it can be easily reached by feet, without any actual climbing. Yes, the journey of Ascension might offer different possibilities. Also those, that are not ready to “climb the spiritual mountain” will be offered an opportunity to reach the next stage in their own evolutionary journey. This place seemed to be also nice occasion to celebrate the presence of the Elders and reflect the invitation within our energy work. It’s heartwarming when, I could feel part of their group ascending - whilst some are holding the energetic bridge for all that are yet to come.

So we ended our visit of the area in the heart of the Bekopaka village. The main square at the time of the sunset, seems to reflect the nature of our journey. Asking about the food without animal products in African village seems to be similarly adventures as talking about our multidimensional nature on the internet. It’s highly likely one would be misunderstood. Anyhow, we could be meet with some rice on multiple occasions - after kindly denying the offers of chicken sauce, that simply never counts as meat in this environment. But such is the nature of this human existence, we simply have to cherish every possibility of the encounter that touches the core of our Souls.

I had to release the tears of feeling privileged and embraced in my expression. The intensity of environment simply doesn’t offer the light-hearted way of connecting with higher-dimensions. Yet in the midst of the most raw, authentic and chaotic societal experience - I could find the transcendence in the eyes of my travelling companion. I noticed, that similar sensations has just reached Hannah, at that moment. It’s been another day of traversing the portal on our journey - we’ve become used of meeting in Silence.

That seems to be the most tangible way of sharing the energy of our travels in the environment, where language is just one of the many bariers. However, I trust that the impulse of our visit can be felt by those, that are hearing the call of their own Souls.

Before checking out with my current writing, I wish to share some snapshots of the journey back to the coast. It’s been the continuation of adventure, as even our car and dedicated driver had to surrender in their mission. As the car broke down “in the middle of nowhere” we were offered a lift by some other tourist vehicle in the area. It all seemed to orchestarted, so that we could reach baobab avenue, plant a tree and head back to the seaside…

Grow well little Baobab, the big Tree is watching over you...

The pathway ahead.

That’s all, before we started the travels of heading back to (an earthly) Home.

I wish you stay connected to our journey and sending much love and some sunset vibes to everyone. 💜

Miha 🌳

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